Cold & Flu Season Has Begun

It’s the time of year when the cold and flu start to spread and get a lot of people sick.

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), flu viruses are the most common during fall and winter months. Between 5-20% of Americans get the flu and miss 70 million work days!

Here’s some tips to help prevent illness and stay healthy!

Wash Hands — The CDC says washing hands is one of the most effective ways you can stay healthy and avoid spreading germs to others. Well-maintained and easy-to-use soap and towel dispensers can help make handwashing a part of a daily wellness routine.

Sanitize — 80% of germs can be transmitted by hand! Germs on hands can be transferred up to 7 times. Frequently-touched surfaces become viral hot spots. Protect your customers and employees with sanitizers that kill the germs that may make them sick.

Disinfectants — Germs can live for days on hard surfaces, and with every touch, you pick up 30-50% of the organisms living there. Disinfectants cleans and kills 99% of germs.

Paper Products — Reduce the risk of infection by using paper products, then tossing after use. Use tissues to trap sniffles and sneezes, toilet seat covers for sanitary protection and towels to thoroughly dry hands – all helping to significantly reduce germs and illness.

Personal Protection — Everyday preventive actions can help successfully slow the spread of germs that cause many illnesses. Play it safe with gloves and face masks that protect and safeguard your health.

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