7 Convenient Uses for Pre-Saturated Wipes

7 Convenient Uses for Pre-Saturated Wipes

Tremendously convenient wipes.

Pre-saturated wipes have countless practical uses in virtually any industry, and having them on-hand is a great way to ensure an uninterrupted workflow. Not only do they clean surfaces quickly, but they’re also tremendously convenient, making it easier than ever to keep the workplace sanitary and safe.

Also known as pre-wetted wipes, pre-saturated wipes are available in a variety of types. For instance, single-use packet-sized cleaning towelettes are convenient for on-the-go applications, whereas multipacks of cleanroom wipes are stacked, re-sealable, and perfect for repelling contaminants onsite.

CleanTex Clearview Wipes Clean your monitor quickly, safely!
CleanTex Clearview Wipes
Clean your monitor quickly, safely!

Here are a few ways you can use wipes to keep your business running smoothly:

1. Keeping Your Employees Healthy & Productive: If there’s a nasty flu virus going around the office, the last thing you’d want to do is expose your healthy employees to the germs that a sick associate may have brought to work.

The best part:

Pre-saturated alcohol wipes are ideal for keeping microbes at bay – and limiting your employee absences!

Cleaning Electronics

2. Cleaning Electronics: Dust, dirt, and buildup can be near-impossible to eradicate from the small spaces in between keyboard keys, printer components, and other workplace electronics. Of course, you can’t use soap and water, but a pre-saturated wipe or pre-saturated swab works wonders for sanitizing those hard-to-reach places.

Cleaning Medical Equipment

3. Cleaning Medical Equipment: From ophthalmic testing devices to X-ray safety equipment, doctors’ offices have dozens of components to which new patients are constantly exposed. In between appointments, cleanroom pre-saturated wipes are the perfect sanitizing option.

Did you know…

Presat wipes are strong enough to kill contaminants, yet soft to prevent damaging sensitive equipment.

Wiping Screens

4. Wiping Screens: If your employees rely on tablets, laptops, or computers to complete their daily functions, consider monitor wipes a must-have. Unlike traditional wipes (which could damage screens), these pre-wetted screen wipes are specially formulated without alcohol to leave screens clear and streak-free. These are also ideal if customers use a screen for checking in or other purposes at your location.

Wiping Down Registers

5. Wiping Down Registers: Performing dozens of transactions exposes your employees and the rest of your work environment to countless germs. Yet, employees can’t disrupt their workflow to perform a full cleaning in the middle of a shift. Keeping a pack of alcohol wipes on hand helps your teams maintain a sanitary environment without sacrificing their time.

Taking Care of Office Spills

6. Taking Care Of Small Office Spills: Whether it’s a tipped-over coffee cup or an exploding pen, office wipes have more power than paper towels alone for removing sticky or stubborn substances. Plus, by keeping them within arm’s reach, your associates will be able to tend to spills quickly, thereby preventing further damage to company property.

7. Getting Glass Squeaky-Clean: Keep your drivers and other machine operators safe by ensuring clear visibility. Give each operator a pack of wipes to stow in their truck or machine for quick and effective wipe-downs.

 Endless applications for super useful cleaning wipes.

Of course, these are just a few of the most common uses for pre-saturated wipes – the possibilities these convenient supplies provide are truly limitless! Stock up on your company’s supplies of pre-wetted wipes today. Don’t forget to check out pre-saturated swabs, too!

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Lint-Free Wipes Maintain High Resolution Printer Output

Lint Free Wipes & Large Format Printers

Lint Free Wipes & Large Format Printers

Large format digital printers (LFDPs) are the best tech-partners that you can have when it comes to high-quality printing business. They offer the best print outputs in their most vivid and clear state, in large and efficient formats.

Since large format digital printers benefit your business with both profit and reputation, you need to know how to work around large format digital printers, let alone care for them!

Wrong cleaning equipment = printing problems

Did you know that one wrong move could jeopardize your entire printing business? Unknowingly, you could be using the wrong cleaning equipment that could lead to numerous printing problems, such as using industrial cleaning rags for cleaning inkjet heads. Here’s why:

Large format digital printers are known to have delicate inkjet heads. Clean inkjet heads produce superb-quality prints, however, maintaining these inkjet heads means cleaning them, too. Once you use industrial cleaning rags, it will shed fibers which would surely interfere with the inkjet heads’ performance and thus putting the output’s quality on the line.

All for a piece of cheap rag, it can cost you your business’ efficiency and profit..

How to Avoid Printing Problems?

Don’t worry. You can avoid these printing mishaps. All you have to do is invest in cleaning tools and materials that are worth spending your money on such as lint-free wipes.

Prevention is better than cure, since you wouldn’t want your printer inkjet to be factory serviced. That would cost more than a few pieces of lint-free wipes. Be sure to have them around your shop before it’s too late!

Qualities of Good Lint-Free Wipes

Teknizorb MicroFiber Lint Free Wipe

There are dozens of Lint-free Wipes to choose from in the market. Variety of them offer good cleaning quality. However, be smart enough to opt for the ones which have genuine and superb features.

Here’s what you need to consider when opting for good Lint-Free Wipes:

  • Lint-free wipes should have durable microfiber quality which can easily remove particulates without shedding its own fibers.
  • It should be non-abrasive so as not to scratch or damage sensitive surfaces
  • It should be made from quality materials e.g., like continuous filament polyester wipes and 30% Nylon with sealed edges.

You can also consider keeping lint-free swabs on hand for detailing and cleaning those hard to reach places.

Having the right lint-free wipes around for your printer’s preventive maintenance is one way to guarantee the prolongation of your printer’s shelf life. As a result, you’ll get to enjoy the profit of your printing business as you continue to produce printing outputs for your clienteles with the best possible resolution – all thanks to lint-free wipes.