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Summary – The best chloroprene gloves ensure tactile feedback for precise tasks and maximize comfort. 

If you’ve tried latex or nitrile gloves but found them insufficient for your needs, then consider chloroprene.

With its natural feel and fit that conforms to your hand without causing irritation, chloroprene gloves may be the answer you’re looking for.

How Do You Choose the Best Chloroprene Gloves?

Chloroprene gloves have been an impacted item by the pandemic and supply chain issues. Many manufacturers have shifted production to focus on nitrile. However, the best chloroprene gloves are still available for those who seek.

Duraskin has decades of experience manufacturing and designing the highest quality safety apparel. In the industrial sector, Liberty is synonymous with safety. Duraskin is one of Liberty’s premier brands of disposable gloves.

You may ask yourself 3 questions before buying chloroprene gloves. Because there aren’t many options on the market, you may end up deciding on latex, nitrile, or other vinyl alternatives. But for those whose heart is set on chloroprene, these questions are a good start.

How demanding is your applications?

If you only need gloves to use as a base-layer underneath more rugged safety gloves, then 6.0 mil thick chloroprene rubber is more than suitable. This thickness is ideal for all medium-duty activities in the industrial space. 

Chloroprene’s natural chemical resistance may provide the protection you need but it is always best to double check your chemical with the manufacturer’s specifications. You don’t want to find out after it’s too late.

If you need heavy duty gloves that provide the highest degree of protection you can find on the market today, then get 8.0 mil thick chloroprene rubber. This thickness is more than suitable for most applications of disposable gloves.

What is your budget?

Chloroprene gloves vary significantly in price due to supply constraints brought about by the pandemic. As the prices vary so do the quality, which is why Harmony Lab & Safety Supplies recommend Duraskin Chloroprene Gloves.

If you need to work within a tight budget, then 6.0 mil Duraksin 2011w are more than suitable for most. 

Do you have latex allergies?

If you have latex allergies then you can rest easy that chloroprene will not inflame your allergies. Because chloroprene, also called neoprene, is a synthetic material your skin may react negatively. Many with latex allergies find their skin to be irritated by a variety of glove materials.

The only way you can certain is to take an allergy test or to try the glove for yourself. In our experience chloroprene and nitrile and the best disposable glove materials for those concerned with skin irritations.

What size gloves do you need?

Because of supply constraints, the glove size you need may not be in stock. If you are unsure about alternatives then feel free to contact us. We work with businesses everyday who need to adapt their needs to the variable supply chain.

Best Chloroprene Gloves

1. SAS Safety Corp. Chem Defender Chloroprene Gloves

SAS Safety Corp. Chem Defender Chloroprene Gloves are an excellent choice for individuals looking for superior protection and durability. These gloves are made of high-quality chloroprene material that offers excellent resistance to chemicals, punctures, and tears.

The gloves are powder-free, making them ideal for individuals with allergies to latex or powder. They also come in a range of sizes to ensure a perfect fit for everyone, ensuring comfort during extended use.

What sets SAS Safety Corp. Chem Defender Chloroprene Gloves apart from other brands is their unique design. The gloves feature a beaded cuff that prevents roll-downs, ensuring a secure fit that stays in place. The textured surface also provides a superior grip, allowing for more precise movements and reducing the risk of slipping.

SAS Safety Corp. is committed to providing high-quality products that meet or exceed industry standards. Their gloves undergo rigorous testing to ensure that they are safe and reliable, making them an excellent choice for anyone looking for superior protection and durability.

2. Duraskin 2011W Chloroprene Gloves

Duraskin 2011w chloroprene gloves are suitable for industrial applications. If you have been provided nitrile gloves but find them inadequate for your needs, consider trying chloroprene.

The gloves have a natural feel due to the material’s gripping quality. Many nitrile gloves of comparable thickness are not as comfortable for extended shifts, and many plumbers and tradesmen depend on chloroprene for their dexterity when needing fine motor control.

The gloves are made by Duraskin, an eLiberty Glove sub-brand that consistently manufactures quality and have done so for decades. If your business can’t decide whether to make the switch, contact us to request samples so your company can determine your employee’s preferences and balance with the bottom line.

At Harmony, you will find verified customer reviews, with one customer saying they “feel more like latex” after rating them five stars. You can read more and ask product questions at Harmony Lab & Safety Supplies.

3. Duraskin 2912W Chloroprene Gloves

Duraskin 2012w gloves are made with 8.0-millimeter thick chloroprene rubber to withstand extended shifts in the most demanding industrial applications. The extra-long 12″ design makes these suitable to be tucked into sleeves, microporous coveralls, or other disposable apparel.

Many find that latex and nitrile can both cause irritation due to allergies or other skin conditions, which means chloroprene may be your only option for high-quality disposable gloves. Because vinyl gloves don’t have a good fit and don’t conform to your hand naturally, they are at risk of compromising your tactile feedback.

Your gloves shouldn’t get in the way of your works. Chloroprene rubber fits like a disposable glove should, naturally adhering to your hand and giving you the protection you need. - Blog
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