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23 Best Food Gloves for 2024

If you’ve ever worked in food service, you’ll appreciate having the best food-handling gloves to protect yourself and your customers.

The best disposable food gloves have a protective plastic or rubber material that is water-proof and won’t tear doing everyday cooking and food preparation.

Find the best gloves below and stay safe and protected in your home or commercial kitchen.

Our buying guide answers the most commonly asked questions.

We have you covered if you need cut-resistant, plastic, or rubber gloves.

Best Food Handling Gloves

1. Disposable Food Service Gloves, Plastic Food Safe Polyethylene, 1.25 mil, One Size Fits Most

These Disposable Food Service Gloves offer reliable protection for less than a penny – talk about a bargain!

Duraskin Polyethylene Food Handling Gloves are designed for fast-paced food service applications.

The Polyethylene gloves are 1.25mil thick, making them inexpensive for deli owners and other food preparation staff to dispose of immediately after each use. Each glove costs less than a penny. Talk about a bargain!

These single-use gloves are 100% recyclable, FDA Approved for food handling, and liquid-proof. You won’t leave behind any residue on your hands.

Key features:

  • Loose fit, one size fits most, and you can easily take them on and off
  • 100% Food Safe – meets or exceeds USDA Standards
  • 100% Recyclable polyethylene material
  • Embossed grip to complete tasks effectively, perfect for deli counters and made-to-order foodstuffs
  • Ideal material for light tasks requiring frequent glove changes

2. Duraskin Blue Nitrile Gloves, 3.5 mil

There are many reasons DuraSkin T2010W is our top pick and our second-best food-grade disposable glove.

Its 3.5-millimeter thick nitrile is the ideal balance between cost and effectiveness across applications. Most importantly, it is USDA-approved for food processing industrial applications.

It is more expensive than vinyl or polyethylene alternatives, but it makes up for that by providing dependable protection.

The Duraskin LT2010W Nitrile Glove is the ideal balance between cost, quality, and effectiveness for most food applications.

Key Features:

  • 100% Latex Free, Powder-Free
  • 3.5mil Thickness is 3x thicker than generic plastic gloves alternatives
  • Textured Fingertips improve grip
  • Wholesale Pricing on Cases of 1000
  • Extra strong nitrile rubber
  • Multi-purpose use for food handling, household, and commercial tasks

3. Grabber Orange Nitrile Gloves, 6.0 mil

Do you need heavy-duty, industrial-grade gloves? If you need to ensure that your gloves won’t rip or tear under stress, get Grabber Orange Nitrile Gloves.

These gloves are 6.0 mil thick, so they can withstand commercial food handling and preparation. And their synthetic nitrile rubber won’t inflame allergies.

It is easily visible in low light conditions and cleaning staff like them for use within tight spaces. The material protects against solvents and disinfectant products.

Food manufacturing facilities trust Grabber for consistent quality. USDA approved all food handling applications; Grabber Nitrile gloves get the job done.

You won’t need to throw away gloves because they rip trying to put them on. Grabber gloves withstand stress.

Key Features:

  • Heavy duty 6.0 mil thick industrial grade nitrile rubber
  • Highly visible color loved by bakers and kitchen staff
  • 100% Powder-Free, Latex-Free
  • The diamond grip allows for a precise grip

4. Duraskin Extra-Thick 8.0 mil Blue Nitrile Gloves

If your current rubber gloves seem to rip and tear too quickly, your application may require Duraskin 2018W Nitrile Gloves. Their extra thick 8.0-millimeter-thick nitrile rubber is less likely to tear.

All disposable gloves are ambidextrous, and these Duraskin gloves are no different. In boxes of 50 and cases of 500, this nitrile pull-on closure gloves measure 9.5 inches from fingertip to cuff. 

These gloves are FDA Approved for food handling and industrial grade with excellent elasticity, and chemical, puncture, and abrasion resistance. Nitrile, in general, rivals latex’s comfort. The extra thickness of these gloves does not stress the hands. 100% Latex Free is ideal for those with allergies.

Most of the gloves on this list are nitrile for a reason. Nitrile is ideal for food handlers and automotive and industrial workers.

Key features:

  • 8.0 mil industrial-grade nitrile rubber
  • 100% Powder Free and Latex-Free
  • Ambidextrous
  • Micro-textured fingertips
  • Competitive Pricing

5. X-Grip® Cut Resistant Polyurethane Coated Glove 

X-Grip® Gray Polyurethane Palm Coated Gloves protect against light-duty cuts and abrasions common in residential kitchens. Its salt and pepper shell maintains its look and protection through multiple washes.

Yep, it’s machine washable without losing its high tensile strength and comfortable fit. Its soft fibers are flexible to the touch while protecting against low-risk cuts. With sizes from small to double extra large, you’ll be sure to find your fit.

You can experience endless possibilities with x-grip gloves: gardening, kitchen, and shop activities. Easily wash these ambidextrous gloves after each use without causing damage. Try out X-Grip® today.

X-Grip® gloves provide level 2 protection at a fraction of the cost of other gloves. You won’t find better protection at this price point. 

Key features:

  • Reusable cut-resistant gloves provide level 2 ANSI-certified protection
  • Coating provides protection from common household and cleaning chemicals
  • Palm coating maximizes grip in wet conditions
  • Suitable for household use. Not FDA-approved for food handling in commercial settings

6. Duraskin BlackSheild Nitrile Food Handling Gloves

Duraskin black nitrile food handling gloves have micro-roughened and textured fingertips to maximize grip strength, dexterity, and comfort.

These industrial-grade, USDA-approved gloves offer the chemical and puncture resistance you expect from nitrile. The black color is loved by tattoo artists because they hide dirt, grease, and grime. 

Nitrile has an excellent fit and feel. 4.0 millimeter thick gloves are suitable for light to medium-duty tasks and double donning. Powder-free and latex-free, you can check the current pricing on boxes of 100. 

Tattoos, food prep, automotive, and industrial settings are suitable for DuraSkin black nitrile gloves. These ambidextrous micro-textured gloves will work well with basic tasks, whether at home or the shop.

Key features:

  • Perfect for food preparation
  • Ambidextrous
  • 100% Powder-Free, Latex-Free
  • FDA Approved for Food Handling

6. Raven Nitrile Medical Gloves

These extra-thick Raven Gloves offer dependable protection in heavy-duty activities. Nitrile provides outstanding strength and durability with reliable chemical resistance.

Raven gloves are certified medical grade and meet FDA requirements. And the rubber is certified ASTM D6978 for additional peace of mind. Raven gloves come in boxes of 100 or cases of 1000.

Get a precise grip in all work environments. Nitrile naturally resists degradation when exposed to chemicals commonly found in automotive shops.

Key features:

  • Textured fingertips for precise tasks
  • 6.0 mil thick rubber
  • 100% Powder-Free, Latex-Free
  • Dependable chemical resistance
  • Certified Safe for Food Handling

7. Duraskin 2810W Latex Food Gloves

Duraskin 2810W Latex Gloves balance cost, durability, and comfort. It is designed to remain comfortable during extended shifts, which is ideal for food processing workers.

The natural latex rubber conforms to the grooves of each wearer’s hands, and thanks to its 5.0 mil thickness, the glove will last extended periods. Duraskin is a trusted brand, and its latex rubber meets or exceeds USDA standards.

The natural white color is ideal for double donning, the process in which the wearer uses two gloves. The first base layer is white, and the second is blue or orange. When the second glove is pierced, it alerts the wearer while maintaining protection. Double donning effectively keeps out pathogens in high-risk settings.

Key features:

  • Durable latex rubber is suitable for light and medium-duty tasks
  • Very comfortable, many consider latex to be the most comfortable disposable food handling glove option because of how it conforms to the hand
  • Perfect for double gloving, i.e. using white latex gloves as a base layer
  • 15% more cost-effective than nitrile alternatives

8. Restore Sense Green Nitrile Exam Gloves with maxOat+

Exam gloves with MaxOat+ colloidal oatmeal can help retain natural moisture and soothe skin. The National Eczema Association has awarded the Seal of Acceptance to Restore gloves.

Prevent skin irritation and help heal damaged skin by using gloves made with colloidal oatmeal.

These medical-grade gloves are loved by customers. Many benefit from the soothing nitrile rubber when doing household kitchen and cleaning tasks.

Key features:

  • Durable nitrile rubber suitable for kitchen tasks
  • Prevents skin irritation
  • Trusted brand
  • Approved for Food Handling and Preparation activities

9. Duraskin T2910W Vinyl Food Handling Gloves

Duraskin T2910W Vinyl Gloves are lightweight, easily donned gloves. The material contains no powder, meaning no residue remains when removing the gloves. Vinyl has no natural rubber, making it safe for those sensitive to natural latex rubber.

DuraSkin’s vinyl gloves meet USDA standards and are stable in food processing centers. Vinyl gloves are less expensive than their nitrile counterparts while still being latex-free. Talk about a bargain. 

Some people use these vinyl gloves for cooking, stuffing turkeys on thanksgiving, and filling up bird feeders. In short, the T2910W is a reliable all-around glove.

Key features:

  • Affordable vinyl is suitable for light tasks
  • Minimize hand discomfort with liquid-proof vinyl
  • Quick food service operations benefit from low-cost vinyl rubber
  • Ambidextrous for easy donning
  • More cost-effective than nitrile alternatives

10. Astro-Grip Orange Nitrile Food Gloves

Astro-Grip Gloves by SAS Safety Corp. are highly functional for food handling tasks. The 7.0 mil nitrile rubber is suitable for heavy-duty tasks and is resistant to tears, abrasions, and cuts.

If you want a highly visible color, then these orange gloves are an excellent choice. SAS Safety Corp. is the company behind Raven, Chem Defender, and Thickster gloves.

11. Duraskin 2011W Chloroprene Food Handling Gloves

DuraSkin 2011W Chloroprene Gloves combine latex comfort with the chemical resistance and durability of nitrile – all while being 100% latex free. Chloroprene is a synthetic rubber called Neoprene that conforms well to the user’s hand without irritation.

These gloves hold up well against organic acids or alkalis, hydrogen peroxide, organic solvents, and biological additives commonly found in the plumbing and septic business.

Although it is rare to see chloroprene gloves used at a deli, give it a try! Duraskin 2011W Chloroprene gloves are loved by those who can’t wear latex gloves but want the comfort and feel of latex rubber. The material naturally conforms to your hand despite being synthetic material.

12. Duraskin Orange Nitrile Gloves, 8.0 mil Extra Thick, Food Grade

These Duraskin 2028HO gloves are made of 8.0-millimeter extra thick nitrile, making them suitable for advanced industrial applications that involve heavy-duty work over extended periods.

Its high visibility safety orange color is paired with its powder-free and latex-free construction. Duraskin’s manufacturing process is optimized for strength, tear resistance, and consistency.

These heavy-duty gloves are recommended for automotive, emergency services, correctional and law enforcement, and industrial and laboratory applications. 

12. HexArmor® SharpsMaster II Latex Coated

HexArmor® Sharpsmaster II Latex Coated Gloves provide the maximum level of cut resistance as measured by ANSI and ISEA standards. Rated for level 9 cut resistance, these gloves are suitable for heavy-duty, industrial-grade food processing applications. Butchers, oyster shuckers, and cooks will benefit from protection in rote, mundane tasks where the mind can wander.

Maximize grip in dry or oily situations with rubber latex. The latex coating provides protection from liquids and toxic chemicals, while its ActiFresh™ palm coating naturally kills microbial life. These gloves also have ANSI/ISEA Level 5 protection against abrasions. 

These are the toughest gloves that Harmony stocks and one of the most popular cut-resistant gloves. Seal out dirt and debris with its elastic cuff and protect your hands with the highest level of resistance to cuts and tears.

13. Thickerster Latex Food Gloves

If you want the thickest gloves on the market, then try Thickster Latex gloves. These 14 mil Ultra Thick gloves are 2 to 3 times thicker than standard disposable gloves.

Latex material provides excellent dexterity even with extra thickness. Many find latex rubber to be the most comfortable type of disposable gloves.

14. ChemDefender Chloroprene Disposable Food Grade Gloves

SAS Safety Corp. 66593 Chloroprene Gloves are an exam-grade, synthetic rubber material that provides exceptional comfort, strength, and chemical-resistant barrier protection.

The material’s elasticity exceeds the average elongation measurements of nitrile gloves and competes with latex.

ChemDefender® Gloves are manufactured by the experts at SAS Safety Corp., a company that offers a complete series of powder-free, disposable, single-use, examination-grade protection solutions.

15. Raven Hi-Viz Nitrile Gloves, 

Nitrile gloves are similar to latex but are 100% free of latex proteins to reduce skin irritation for those with sensitivities. These Hi-Viz Nitrile Gloves are food-safe and highly visible. Made by a trusted brand, these food gloves are loved by customers.

16. Duraskin 8.0 mil Food Gloves, Extended 12″ Cuff

Duraskin 2022W 12″ Blue Nitrile Gloves are 2.5″ longer than your average nitrile glove. The additional length of the gloves allows them to be tucked underneath coveralls or sleeves for further protection against liquids, dust, and debris.

The 8.0 mil thick nitrile is 100% latex-free and powder-free. Ideal for medium to heavy-duty industrial-grade activities, USDA-approved DuraSkin gloves for food handling.

To put it simply, these are one formidable pair of gloves.

The synthetic material is comfortable and provides broad chemical resistance. Extended cuff gloves offer 30% more protection than 9.5″ gloves. Food processing facilities can benefit from Duraskin LIB2022W.

17. Kimberly Clark Kleenguard G10 Blue Nitrile Gloves

KleenGuard G10 Blue Nitrile Gloves are 6.0 mil and offer comfort and protection suitable for medium-duty tasks in various industries. Its textured fingertips and multiple sizes allow for maximum dexterity and precision for everyone.

These gloves are approved for food handling in the United States with USDA Approval and in Canada with CFIA Approval.

Kimberly Clark manufactures KleenGuard G10 gloves and is a trusted brand known for Cottonelle, Huggies, Kleenex, Scott, etc. Kimberly Clark has decades of experience and provides attention to detail; for example, these gloves have a beaded cuff to prevent roll-downs and help alleviate contamination concerns for sensitive food testing tasks.

Some consider G10 gloves to be their favorite for cooking at home.

18. Green Nitrile 13″ Flock Lined Gloves

Liberty Glove’s 13″ Green Nitrile Flock Lined 2970C gloves are thicker, long, and resistant to a broad range of solvents, animal fats, and other liquids.

Its embossed fingertips allow for precision tasks in medium and heavy-duty applications. Get a dozen pairs per pack with sizing from small to double extra large.

19. Duarskin Vinyl Food Handling Gloves

Duraskin 2910W Vinyl Gloves are 15% thicker than their T2910W gloves. Vinyl is a synthetic, 100% latex-free material quickly donned and removed with its smooth finish.

The 4.0-millimeter-thick material is made from clear vinyl plastic and comes in packs of 100. With more puncture and tear resistance than polyethylene, these plastic gloves have enough tear and puncture resistance for light and medium-duty kitchen responsibilities. 

Duraskin 2910W gloves are ambidextrous and multi-purpose, great for food service, cleaning, food prep, and household tasks.

Vinyl plastic is a solid barrier to liquids and provides light chemical resistance. The smell won’t bleed onto your hands if you handle garlic with these gloves.

20. Polyurethane Coated HPPE Gloves – Level 4 Cut Resistance 

Liberty Glove’s Polyurethane Coated HPPE Gloves are specifically designed to protect against cuts and abrasions. Good abrasion resistance makes it perfect for kitchen and gardening tasks.

HPPE gloves are machine knitted and woven with polyethylene fibers for additional hand protection. Liberty specializes in work gloves with high tensile strength while remaining lightweight and breathable.

Level 4 cut-resistant gloves are suitable for medium-duty tasks, making them versatile for woodworking, carpentry, HVAC, fishing, resin work, and warehouse tasks.

Once you are done, throw them in the washer and be amazed at how they hold up after multiple launderings.

21. Duraskin Natural White Latex Rubber Gloves

Duraskin T2810W 3.5 mil Thick Powder Free Latex Gloves are safe for food service tasks and comfortable for extended shifts. Bakers, cake designers, and hobbyists benefit from natural latex rubber’s comfort. Great for commercial and household use.

These gloves are non-sterile and only suitable for food service and general-purpose applications. Duraskin gloves provide a reliable barrier against liquids, grime, and food-borne hazards. Its textured fingertips allow for a secure grip.

22. Duraskin Blue Vinyl Food Gloves

DuraSkin Blue Vinyl Gloves are cost-effective food service gloves with more durability than other polyethylene plastic gloves. Its 4.0-millimeter thick vinyl material is suitable for light to medium-duty tasks within your food service operation.

These gloves are perfect for making sandwiches, tossing salads, and making food to order. Any task that requires constant changing of the glove can save money by using vinyl gloves.

These gloves are 100% powder-free, latex-free, and comfortable for those with dermatitis or other skin sensitivities.

23. Duraskin Chloroprene Gloves, Extended 12″ Cuff

DuraSkin 12″ Green Chloroprene Gloves have the length to give you peace of mind that liquids, dust, and debris won’t enter under your sleeves. Simply tuck these chloroprene gloves under your sleeves or coveralls to maximize protection.

Chloroprene is a popular material for cleaning because of its exceptional chemical resistance. Basically, chloroprene is a glove for many jobs: auto and bike mechanics, tattoo artists, hair salons, paint and hobbyists, grilling, food prep, gardening, and more.

Chloroprene provides the comfort of natural rubber while being 100% latex and powder-free. DuraSkin Chloroprene gloves give the tactile sensitivity of latex, whether you are cleaning around the house or coloring your hair. Try these gloves out if you need to wear gloves for extended periods. Protect your hands today.

24. Duraskin 4.0 mil Vinyl Food Gloves

DuraSkin 4.0 mil Vinyl Food Service Gloves are ideal for someone who wants to easily slide into their disposable gloves. These gloves contain no natural rubber, are 100% latex free, and are ambidextrous for ease of use. The powder makes it easier to put on and take off.

Duraskin Vinyl Gloves are dependable for light-duty tasks. You can save money by switching to vinyl gloves if you constantly throw away gloves after using them briefly. Deli owners, take note!

These gloves come 1000 to a case and are perfect for light general-purpose use. But don’t fret. These gloves are still USDA-approved for food handling.

25. Duraskin L2800W Natural White Latex Gloves

These DuraSkin 5.0 mil Thick Latex Gloves are Lightly Powdered with corn starch to easily don and remove. Natural latex rubber is comfortable and affordable compared to equally thick nitrile gloves. Because of this, businesses can save money by swapping out nitrile gloves with corresponding latex alternatives.

Beware of latex allergies and dermatitis if you have skin sensitivities. Half-finger nylon glove liners have been known to reduce the impact of skin problems associated with natural and synthetic rubber gloves.

These non-medical, general-purpose food-handling gloves make cake decorating and other light-duty tasks a breeze. Latex won’t interfere with your ability to operate delicate instruments with precision. 

Food Glove Buying Guide

Below are key considerations when purchasing food gloves for commercial and household use.

What are the top considerations when choosing food gloves?

Disposable gloves keep you in compliance with health and safety regulations. Without adequate protective equipment, your employees and customers are at risk of contamination.

Foodborne illnesses are not a joke – so disposable gloves must be worn and disposed of after each use. Fortunately, you can avoid any risk by investing in food-handling gloves. Without breaking the bank, you can find protection for less than a penny for each use.

A good glove will not rip or tear during use and allow you to complete the task without interruption, so we highly recommend nitrile gloves.

Disposable gloves shouldn’t be noticeable to the user. You wouldn’t wear uncomfortable clothing, so don’t wear gloves that cause any discomfort.

If you or your staff have latex sensitivities, choose gloves made from synthetic alternatives like nitrile, vinyl, polyethylene, or chloroprene. Some food handling gloves are designed to soothe eczema.


The thickness and material of disposable gloves determine how they hold up to stress.

A good quality food-grade glove should be able to be worn and disposed of without tearing or exposing the user to harm.

Nitrile is the strongest disposable rubber material.


Powdered gloves have been banned in hospitals and medical applications because of the potential for irritation. Powdered gloves may still be used for food handling.

People with skin sensitivities may not appreciate powdered gloves.

The powder is usually food-grade cornstarch that keeps the glove from sticking to your skin, making them easier to take on and off. 

The downside is that after removing the glove, the food-grade cornstarch will be left on your skin in a thin residue layer.

Because of this, food handlers must wash their hands after removing the gloves. In general, most people buy powder-free gloves. If you run a small business with a lot of staff, then at least one person may be sensitive to powder. 


It’s important to keep costs within reason. Although the USDA and FDA require protective equipment, what glove materials you choose is up to you.

Polyethylene gloves cost less than a penny per use, whereas nitrile can be the most expensive glove.

If you don’t need maximum protection, you shouldn’t break the bank. Small business owners can switch from nitrile to latex, polyethylene, or vinyl gloves to save money.


Latex sensitives are a concern for many. Even if you personally are not sensitive to natural latex rubber, it may be necessary to keep synthetic rubber materials on hand for your staff.

Vinyl, Nitrile, and Chloroprene are three popular latex alternatives. In fact, nitrile is the most popular disposable glove material by far.

Modern synthetic materials now outlast natural materials in comparable settings. Nitrile prices are expected to keep dropping making the gloves more accessible.


There is no use buying a glove that doesn’t fit you. If you need to shop by size, you can filter for the size that is in stock.

If you don’t know your hand size, grab a cloth tape measure and pull it taught around the widest part of your palm. If you don’t have a tape measure, you can measure one side and double the figure. 


Food processing facilities may need extra long gloves for added protection. Extra-long gloves can be tucked into disposable coveralls, making them extra safe for butchers and line workers.

When sharp objects are involved gloves must be rated for ANSI / ISEA Cut Resistance. ANSI ratings are standard in the United States and ISEA in Europe.

Many cut-resistant gloves also have ratings against abrasion and other factors.


We recommend nitrile food handling gloves because of their abrasion, cut, and chemical-resistant properties.

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