How Are Cleanroom Gloves Different From Exam Gloves?


Cleanroom vs. Medical Gloves Summary – The main difference between cleanroom and exam gloves is that cleanroom gloves adhere to higher ISO standards than medical gloves. Critical environments adhere to ISO standards, whereas medical exam gloves meet FDA requirements.  Ensure you purchase gloves suitable for your environment. Techniglove Nitrile Cleanroom Gloves Generation Pink Nitrile Gloves […]

How are Cleanroom Gloves made?

cleanroom gloves

How are cleanroom gloves made? Cleanroom Operator Wearing Disposable Bouffant Cap and Cleanroom Gloves Why can’t you use any disposable glove in cleanrooms? The chlorination manufacturing process of cleanroom gloves reduces the natural rubber protein levels as well as particulate and ionic residuals.  Chlorination also reduces tack levels by washing the gloves in a solution […]

What are cleanroom shoe covers?

Cleanroom Shoe Covers

What are cleanroom shoe covers? Cleanroom Shoe Covers Having the proper cleanroom booties or water resistant shoe covers helps limit the number of contaminants entering your environment. Because operators themselves are the leading source of cleanroom contaminants, outfitting them with the proper disposable attire is critical.  Not every environment requires the same type of cleanroom shoe […]

What are Cleanroom Consumables?

Cleanroom Consumables

Cleanroom Operator in a Critical Environment What are cleanroom consumables? Cleanroom consumables are products necessary to operate a critical environment effectively. Regardless of the cleanroom ISO class, some consumables are standard throughout all stimulating environments. The cleanroom supplies required for your environment will vary, but the following is a good starting place. Adhesive Mats & […]

Isopropyl vs Ethyl Alcohol


Isopropyl vs. Ethyl Alcohol Laboratories must use the right chemical for their cleaning or risk damaging expensive equipment. Although alcohol distilled with water is an excellent purpose lab cleaner, some labs may be unsure which alcohol solution is right for them. Isopropyl Alcohol for Cleaning Electronics The Difference Between IPA 99 and IPA 70 When […]