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  • Biohazard Waste Bags – What Goes In Which Bag?

    BioHazard Waste Bags are an important part of medical and healthcare. Be safe, medical procedures also generate significant amounts of waste, which can pose a threat to humans. Whereever you work, a dental office, veterinary practice, laboratory, or a hospital, it is imperative to take necessary precautions when disposing of medical waste.   For this, […]?

  • Trash Can Liner Basics

    Trash Can Liner Basics Shop for Trash Can Liners HERE   Plastic Types There are three types of plastic used in can liners: High-Density (HD), Linear Low-Density (LLD), and Reprocessed. High-Density (HD) Plastic High-Density plastic makes a “crinkly” noise when you move it – like a supermarket bag.  HD plastic is also harder to start […]?


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