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  • All Face Masks Not Created Equal

    Classifications and Types of Face Masks and Respirators Reduce transfer of germs and contamination. Minimize contamination caused by exhaled microorganisms and contagious droplets. Protect yourself and others by using the right kind of face mask or respirator. Disposable Face Masks A face mask, with or without a face shield. Covers the user’s nose and mouth and […]?

  • pandemic disposable apparel bouffants gloves gowns face masks
    Preparing Supplies for Pandemics

    Pandemics and wide-ranging outbreaks claim millions of lives, economic meltdowns, affect public health, and disrupt societies. It is not enough to wait for the pandemic to start spreading before taking precautions against large scale outbreaks.  It would help if you got prepared by creating a foundation against the spread. Effective preparedness of pandemic supplies and […]?

  • Listeria - The Risks Involved | Harmony Supply Blog
    Listeria – The Risks Involved

    Listeria is a type of bacteria that causes listeriosis, a serious illness with a fatality rate of 20%. Most cases involve hospitalization. Children, elderly, and adults with weakened immune systems are most susceptible. Healthy adults may avoid listeriosis, but are still susceptible to gastroenteritis. Vomiting, abdominal pain, and diarrhea are the most common symptoms. If […]?

  • Hand Sanitizers for Work Health

    Benefits And Usability of Hand Sanitizers in Your Workplace How Hand Sanitizers Can Improve Your Health and Bottom Line Learn About Hand Sanitizers In The Next 4 Minutes… To prevent illness, dirty working environments, and productivity loss: maintain workplace sanitation. Promoting a healthy workplace environment drives productivity as well as profitability. Hand sanitizers provide a cost-effective way to promote workplace […]?

  • How to Avoid Germs This Flu Season
    How to Avoid Germs This Flu Season

    Ways to Avoid Germs this Flu Season Germs are a concern year-round, especially in shared environments like workplaces. Yet, during flu season, it’s particularly important to avoid picking up any germs. According to the CDC, flu viruses can range in severity from mild to severe, and for more than 4,600 people per year, they’re even […]?


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