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  • precision cleaning of optical surfaces blog post banner
    Clean Optical Surfaces with Microfiber

    Great care goes into the manufacturing and finishing of optical surfaces, and there are many challenges that can compromise finished product integrity. These optical devices include multiple applications, from consumer to industrial, in a variety of industries such as; automotive, electronic displays, sensors, mirrors, eye-glasses, solar cells, and more. Typically, there are several process steps […]?

  • Listeria - The Risks Involved | Harmony Supply Blog
    Listeria – The Risks Involved

    Listeria is a type of bacteria that causes listeriosis, a serious illness with a fatality rate of 20%. Most cases involve hospitalization. Children, elderly, and adults with weakened immune systems are most susceptible. Healthy adults may avoid listeriosis, but are still susceptible to gastroenteritis. Vomiting, abdominal pain, and diarrhea are the most common symptoms. If […]?

  • Biohazard Waste Bags – What Goes In Which Bag?

    BioHazard Waste Bags are an important part of medical and healthcare. Be safe, medical procedures also generate significant amounts of waste, which can pose a threat to humans. Whereever you work, a dental office, veterinary practice, laboratory, or a hospital, it is imperative to take necessary precautions when disposing of medical waste.   For this, […]?

  • Foam Swabs 101: Everything You Need to Know About Foam Tipped Applicators

    Foam swabs are a better solution for critical industries like cleanroom, medical device assembly, PCB assembly, and electronic manufacturing. Most people view swabs as common cotton fiber wrapped on a stick. However, while cotton is commonly used, Foam applicator swabs are also used by technicians to perform meticulous tasks like repair, precision cleaning, and assembly. […]?

  • Forensic Swabs For Crime Scene DNA Evidence

    Advancing Swab Science For many years, fingerprints evidence was the standard for investigating and linking suspects to a crime scene. Rapid evaluation of forensic swabs science has shaped DNA evidence as the gold standard. A few cells are all an investigation team needs to obtain in order to get enough DNA information to identify a […]?

  • Proper Specimen Collection And Transport Media
    Transport Media and Specimen Collection

    Learn All You Need To Know About Specimen Collection and Transport Media in 5 Minutes Once collected and processed, specimen quality is of prime importance for test results. Using specimens that have not been properly collected, labeled, handled, or stored can have an impact on the value of a test. Patient care decreases when lab […]?


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