Food Industry Hazard: Listeria


Listeria Risks for the Food Service Industry Listeria is common in the food services industry. Regular surface testing is a worthwhile investment to ensure your procedures are working. Listeria is a type of bacteria that causes listeriosis, a serious illness with a fatality rate of 20%. Most cases involve hospitalization. Children, elderly, and adults with […]

Food Safety and Surface Sanitation Tips

Food Safety and Surface Sanitation Tips

Food Handling Safety. Bacteria and other harmful elements can grow on dirty surfaces and contaminate food. Maintaining a safe and clean work environment is critical in preventing foodborne illness. As a food handler or restaurant owner, make sure that your food handling meets sanitation standards. A work area that looks clean should not be considered […]

The Best Food Safety Disposable Apparel

How Do You Choose The Best Food Safety Disposable Apparel?

Learn About Disposable Food Handling Apparel In 7 Minutes Poor personal hygiene leads to serious health issues. Especially in facilities where people process and serve food products. The solution? Food Safety Disposable Apparel. Business owners and safety managers must ensure that customers get 100% safe food. Businesses in the food industry have to follow food […]