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  • Are you wearing enough hearing protection? When one layer isn't enough.
    Are you Wearing Enough Hearing Protection?

    To comply with OSHA occupational noise exposure standards, companies are required to limit the amount of noise any one worker is exposed to on the job. For most applications, a single layer of hearing protection will be sufficient. However, double hearing protection may be necessary under certain conditions. When is Double Hearing Protection Required? The […]?

  • The 5 OSHA Workplace Hazards

    Under the right circumstances, virtually anything could become hazardous in the workplace. With sensible employee behavior and workplace conditions, however, the workplace hazards that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) warn against fall into just five main categories. We’ll review them below, and provide suggestions for mitigating dangers for each. #1: Safety Hazards (slips, […]?

  • why employees dont wear hearing protection
    Why Employees Don’t Wear Hearing Protection

    Reasons Employees Don’t Wear Hearing Protection Believe it or not, our hearing ability is a huge investment when it comes to work. That’s why it’s essential to take good care of our ear health while in the work field as much as possible.   There are several work environments that expose employees to noise levels […]?


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