What are cleanroom shoe covers?

Cleanroom Shoe Covers

What are cleanroom shoe covers? Cleanroom Shoe Covers Having the proper cleanroom booties or water resistant shoe covers helps limit the number of contaminants entering your environment. Because operators themselves are the leading source of cleanroom contaminants, outfitting them with the proper disposable attire is critical.  Not every environment requires the same type of cleanroom shoe […]

Best Disposable Gloves for Estheticians, Salons, Spas, and Nail Technicians

esthetician disposable gloves

Best Disposable Gloves for Estheticians, Salons, and Nail Technicians Summary – Nitrile gloves affordably and effectively ensure you and your clients feel peace of mind with you. Black nitrile has the benefit of hiding stains and maintaining professionalism. Best Nitrile – Grabber Nitrile Gloves, Orange or Black Best Blue – SynGuard Blue Nitrile Exam Gloves […]

Best Sqwincher® Electrolytes

Sqwincher Electrolytes

Find the best Sqwincher electrolyte powders and drink mixes for heat stress relief at home or on the job. Stay hydrated with Sqwincher.

3 Most Common Types of Hand Injuries

Hand Injuries

The U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS) reports that hand injuries are the second most work-related injury, resulting in over a million emergency room visits in a year. Hand injuries can range from simple to very serious, taking its toll not only on a workers’ well-being but also on the company’s reputation. 3 Most […]

Does the use of Purell cause superbugs?

Purell Use

Purell and Antibiotic Resistant Superbugs Superbugs are so affectionately named for being resistant to modern antibiotics.  With the rise of Purell and other hand sanitizers during the pandemic, it’s a good time to revisit an old myth about Purell.  The use of hand sanitizer does not contribute to the proliferation of antibiotic resistant super-bacteria. Superbugs […]