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  • 47 Types of Cotton Swabs for Any Need You Have

    There are thousands of jobs for cotton swabs in your commercial environment, from medical to crafting, cleaning and laboratory applications. Great for application or removal or solvents, fluxes and more.  Cotton swabs are made from pharmaceutical grade spun cotton fiber Soft, low cost, and safe Natural and highly-absorbent Choose from Low-Lint or standard 3 inch […]?

  • Proper Specimen Collection And Transport Media
    Transport Media and Specimen Collection

    Learn All You Need To Know About Specimen Collection and Transport Media in 5 Minutes Once collected and processed, specimen quality is of prime importance for test results. Using specimens that have not been properly collected, labeled, handled, or stored can have an impact on the value of a test. Patient care decreases when lab […]?

  • MALDI-TOF MS Analysis: Inoculation Loops vs Wooden Transfer Sticks?
    MALDI-TOF MS Analysis: Inoculation Loops vs Wooden Transfer Sticks?

    MALDI analysis stands for matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization and is used in a variety of industries to identify bio-molecules, such as DNA as well as organic molecules, such as polymers. TOF MS stands for time of flight mass spectrometry. MALDI-TOF MS can be used in microbiology, as well as biochemistry and medicine. In medicine specifically, the […]?

  • 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Swabs

    1.     Homely Inspiration The inventor of modern cotton swabs, Polish inventor Leo Gerstenzang, was inspired at home when he saw his wife sticking cotton balls onto the ends of toothpicks, and using this tool to clean out their child’s ears. Can you imagine doing that now? The original target audience for this new product was […]?


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