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  • Guide to Medical and Sterile Swabs

    Medical and sterile swabs are essential devices in medical operations. These single-use tools are designed and fabricated for diverse applications, including wound treatment, specimen collection and even equipment cleanup. It is important to note that there are different types of swabs available for varying uses. If you are on the market for swabs for your […]?

  • Learn the benefits of using Calcium Alginate Tipped Swabs for specimen collection, testing, screening, and more.
    Calcium Alginate Tipped Applicator Uses

    Calcium alginate swabs are ideal for use in diverse medical applications. In general, calcium alginate tipped applicators are manufactured using organic fiber. The natural fiber is derived from beneficial sources like seaweed. Therefore, the swabs are safe for use and free from latex, which can cause allergic reactions among patients with hypersensitivity. These products are […]?

  • Prevent DNA Specimen Degradation (1)
    Prevent DNA Specimen Degradation by Choosing the Right Swabs

    How Choosing the Right Materials Can Prevent DNA Specimen Degradation Whether for genetic testing or another application, preserving DNA integrity through all steps of the handling process is essential to avoiding potential errors, which can be costly and time-intensive to correct. The most effective way to proactively avoid DNA specimen degradation is selecting the right […]?

  • Guide: Specimen Collection for Diagnostics
    Guide: Specimen Collection for Diagnostics

    A Complete Guide to Specimen Collection for Diagnostics Following the right specimen collection procedures is critical. Not only does it protect healthcare professionals, laboratory staff, and the patient, it also ensures accuracy in diagnostic testing. For infectious diseases, it’s important to get specimen collection right on the first try. That’s why having the proper tools […]?


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