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  • Forensic Swabs For Crime Scene DNA Evidence

    Advancing Swab Science For many years, fingerprints evidence was the standard for investigating and linking suspects to a crime scene. Rapid evaluation of forensic swabs science has shaped DNA evidence as the gold standard. A few cells are all an investigation team needs to obtain in order to get enough DNA information to identify a […]?

  • Prevent DNA Specimen Degradation (1)
    Prevent DNA Specimen Degradation by Choosing the Right Swabs

    How Choosing the Right Materials Can Prevent DNA Specimen Degradation Whether for genetic testing or another application, preserving DNA integrity through all steps of the handling process is essential to avoiding potential errors, which can be costly and time-intensive to correct. The most effective way to proactively avoid DNA specimen degradation is selecting the right […]?

  • Guide: Specimen Collection for Diagnostics
    Guide: Specimen Collection for Diagnostics

    A Complete Guide to Specimen Collection for Diagnostics Following the right specimen collection procedures is critical. Not only does it protect healthcare professionals, laboratory staff, and the patient, it also ensures accuracy in diagnostic testing. For infectious diseases, it’s important to get specimen collection right on the first try. That’s why having the proper tools […]?


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