Category: Metal/Wire Shaft Swabs

  • Learn the benefits of using Calcium Alginate Tipped Swabs for specimen collection, testing, screening, and more.
    Calcium Alginate Tipped Applicator Uses

    Calcium alginate swabs are ideal for use in diverse medical applications. In general, calcium alginate tipped applicators are manufactured using organic fiber. The natural fiber is derived from beneficial sources like seaweed. Therefore, the swabs are safe for use and free from latex, which can cause allergic reactions among patients with hypersensitivity. These products are […]?

  • Swab & Applicator Shaft Materials
    Swab & Applicator Handle Shaft Materials

    Swab up the facts on applicator handles. Learn all you need to know about swab handles in the next 6 minutes! So… What Are the Different Types of Swab Shafts? Collect throat cultures and clean wound. Swabs have countless applications in the medical field. Used to collect DNA and perform microbiological tests. Along with hobbyists, […]?


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