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  • How To Improve Workplace Safety
    How To Improve Workplace Safety

    Safety training should be included in any business’ monthly meeting agendas. During safety meetings, the person in charge should talk about workplace safety precautions or train employees about new safety measures to observe. Many people retain only a small percentage of what they hear or read. Therefore, the person in charge needs to do more […]?

  • Learn the benefits of using Calcium Alginate Tipped Swabs for specimen collection, testing, screening, and more.
    Calcium Alginate Tipped Applicator Uses

    Calcium alginate swabs are ideal for use in diverse medical applications. In general, calcium alginate tipped applicators are manufactured using organic fiber. The natural fiber is derived from beneficial sources like seaweed. Therefore, the swabs are safe for use and free from latex, which can cause allergic reactions among patients with hypersensitivity. These products are […]?


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