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    Clean Optical Surfaces with Microfiber

    Great care goes into the manufacturing and finishing of optical surfaces, and there are many challenges that can compromise finished product integrity. These optical devices include multiple applications, from consumer to industrial, in a variety of industries such as; automotive, electronic displays, sensors, mirrors, eye-glasses, solar cells, and more. Typically, there are several process steps […]?

  • Cleanroom Disposables 101

    You should acquire the right cleanroom disposables for your controlled or sensitive workplace. The correct apparel will prevent the contamination and subsequent compromise of the equipment and products in the environment. Under ideal circumstances, you should acquire apparel to cover the entire body to minimize the risk of pollution and promote optimal worker protection. However, […]?

  • Pail Wipers vs Bagged: What’s the Difference?
    Pail Wipers vs Bagged: What’s the Difference?

    Pail Wipes & Bagged Wipers The cleanroom wipes we know today are an evolution of baby wipes. Indeed, pre-wetted wipes used for baby care needs existed long before the cleanroom industry designed their own pre-saturated wipes. While the general concept behind the two products is the same, the difference lies in wipes’ composition and solution. […]?

  • An Overview of Cleanroom Wipes
    An Overview of Cleanroom Wipes

    An Overview of Cleanroom Wipes Maintaining a cleanroom or controlled environment requires the use of products and tools designed specifically for these areas. When spills and contamination occur in these critical environments, your employees should be able to have cleanroom wipes within reach for the most effective and convenient cleaning possible. Here, we’ll provide a […]?


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