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  • pandemic disposable apparel bouffants gloves gowns face masks
    Preparing Supplies for Pandemics

    Pandemics and wide-ranging outbreaks claim millions of lives, economic meltdowns, affect public health, and disrupt societies. It is not enough to wait for the pandemic to start spreading before taking precautions against large scale outbreaks.  It would help if you got prepared by creating a foundation against the spread. Effective preparedness of pandemic supplies and […]?

  • Guide to Kimwipes Specialty Wipes for Labs and Cleanrooms

    If you are looking for suitable wipers for contamination control and general cleanliness, you should think about choosing Kimwipes. These products are disposable task wipers which can be used on diverse surfaces, tools, devices and equipment. They are suitable for use in industrial settings and labs as well pharmaceutical and medical operations. These wipes are […]?

  • Electronics Cleaning
    Electronics Cleaning: Inside & Out

    Learn How To Clean Your Computer & Electronics In 3 Minutes… Secrets of Computer & Electronics Cleaning Affordable And Effective Techniques to Keep Your Electronics Clean Inside & Out Dust accumulation can damage computers and gadgets. Long-term dust exposure and lack of cleaning can block critical components like fans.   We know how dangerous it […]?

  • 3 Modern Uses of Alcohol Wipes
    3 Modern Uses of Alcohol Wipes

    Fully Utilize Alcohol Wipes To Enhance Your Business Learn About Alcohol Wipes in the Next 2 minutes… It can be challenging to find the most appropriate and affordable cleaning solvents for your business. The desired cleaning results can only be achieved when you clearly understand the cleaning procedures and apply cleaning agents that work best […]?

  • Pail Wipers vs Bagged: What’s the Difference?
    Pail Wipers vs Bagged: What’s the Difference?

    Pail Wipes & Bagged Wipers The cleanroom wipes we know today are an evolution of baby wipes. Indeed, pre-wetted wipes used for baby care needs existed long before the cleanroom industry designed their own pre-saturated wipes. While the general concept behind the two products is the same, the difference lies in wipes’ composition and solution. […]?


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