Cleanroom Documentation – Overview

cleanroom office supplies

How are paper documents managed in controlled environments? 

It requires special equipment, accessories, and provisions to control various environmental parameters. To fix the issue, a range of stationary and documentation systems are manufactured to reduce contamination risks.

Cleanroom Documentation minimizes particle generation but is just one piece of the puzzle in reducing cleanroom contaminants and protecting your company’s valued research or production facility.

6 Types of Cleanroom Office Supplies

Cleanroom Pens

1. Cleanroom pens

Using cleanroom-approved pens for taking notes and carrying out all the writing-related activities is recommended. A sterile pen is unique because it obstructs particle generation and keeps the critical environment safe.

You cannot just use any regular pen as they contain high sodium, which can lead to contamination. Therefore, use approved and specifically designed cells for these kinds of applications.

Cleanroom Binders

2. Cleanroom Binders

Designed for cleanroom equipment manuals, work instructions, and operating procedures, cleanroom 3-ring binders are explicitly designed to manage and organize documentation affairs in a cleanroom while preventing chemical exportation.

You can get all the accessories online, from cleanroom-approved pens to clean room copy paper and ring binders. A cleanroom binder is constructed of white static-dissipative .75 gauge, high-density polyethylene.

Dividers/Binder Tabs are impregnated and coated with a polymer that obstructs particles from generating. Transparent poly pockets on the front & spine allow identification sheet insertions. (A4 is 210 mm x 297 mm).

Cleanroom Sticky Notes

3. Cleanroom Sticky Notes

Jot down a quick thought or leave a message for a coworker without fear of introducing contaminates into a sterile environment, thanks to cleanroom sticky notes.

The specially-formulated adhesive strip along the top edge for quick application on any surface. These sticky notes won’t leave any residue or contamination behind.

Each note is made from a low-articulating cleanroom paper and is impregnated and coated with polymer to minimize particle generation. Prepackaged in a clean room environment, so they arrive ready to use.

cleanroom notebooks

4. Cleanroom Notebooks

A cleanroom notebook has a college-ruled or engineering grid layout, so you can choose the style that best suits your needs.

The paper of these notebooks is coated with a latex-free polymer formula to give you unparalleled durability, prevent ink bleed-through and minimize particle generation. Choose from 3 sizes to find the right fit no matter where you plan to use them.

3 inch cleanroom tape

5. Cleanroom Tape

Different color tapes apply to segment areas. Color code your biotech lab with 3 Inch Cleanroom Tape. Its low particulate Class 100 environment ensures a contaminant-free product. Stick it, write on it, and rest assured you maintained you’re controlled.

sterile paper

6. Cleanroom paper

In cleanroom operations, a large amount of information is exchanged. It can be equipment manuals, machine performance data, staff information, consultation notes, drawings, etc.

Sterile paper is special paper impregnated and coated with a polymer formula that obstructs particulate generation.

Find latex-free cleanroom paper here, with fast shipping and U.S.-based product support.


Minimize Cleanroom Contamination

Using the wrong cleaning products and writing supplies contaminates the air of a controlled environment. It is tough to prove when a cleanroom is 100% contaminant-free. However, you can minimize contamination risk by observing strict adherence to defined procedures and room pressure requirements and using appropriate cleanroom documentation.

To maintain a cleanroom and provide personnel training, many records and documents are produced and managed. An effective mechanism must be created, approved, and revised manuscripts.

The administration is one of the biggest challenges using paper to prepare and process information. Once processed and approved, documents can be stored appropriately using cleanroom ring binders.

Clean Room documentation using papers and other simple accessories is practical and effective in many manufacturing environments. Paper-based cleaning documentation logs are organized in cleanroom ringed binders in the main operational areas where every staff member can easily access, manage, and audit information.

No matter where you keep the information, ensure it is easily accessible to those who regularly document their tasks. - Blog
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