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Learn About Disposable Food Handling Apparel In 7 Minutes

Poor personal hygiene leads to serious health issues. Especially in facilities where people process and serve food products. The solution? Food Safety Disposable Apparel.

Business owners and safety managers must ensure that customers get 100% safe food. Businesses in the food industry have to follow food safety standards and rules.

Develop strict safety practices for your work environment and help avoid foodborne illness.

Disposable Apparel Prevents the Spread of Food-Borne Illness

Millions of food poisoning cases happen every year. People suffer food poisoning when they consume contaminated food.

Common causes of foodborne illness include:

  • contaminated equipment
  • inexperienced food handlers
  • absence of Food Safety standards.
  • raw and undercooked food

Consider all safety rules while handling food to prevent various diseases. From the moment food processing begins, to serving time, safety should be at the top of your list.

5 Factors to Consider for Safe Food Preparation

A few factors lead to a large proportion of foodborne diseases. These factors are:  

  • Improper Preparation of food
  • Packing and storing at the wrong temperatures, aiding in the growth of bacteria
  • Cross-contamination from improper storage
  • Food handlers not following protocol
  • No use or Inappropriate use of Food Handling Disposable Apparel

Help your staff develop a healthy food preparation environment by understanding the right process and temperatures required to kill pathogens and bacteria.

An Overview of Food Handling disposable apparel

Food service safety products can help your staff maintain cleanliness throughout every process. Some recommended products your staff should use to prevent contamination:

bouffant caps

Hair Nets & Bouffant Caps

Food hairnets are small pieces of fine net that people wear to hold the hair in place. Keep hair contained during food preparation or other jobs affected by human hair.

Hair nets help food handlers keep the work area hair fee. They provide your employees a comfortable way to restrain their hair and do their job. Honeycomb Hair Nets and Disposable Bouffant Caps are dependable and comfortable options for food service apparel.

beard covers

Beard Covers

Food industry beard covers and hair nets help avoid contact between hair and food. Workers who don’t touch the food should still wear hairnets.   There is a common misconception that beards or hair nets are uncomfortable. Beard covers are super lightweight, and you’ll forget you’re wearing it!

food service gloves

Polyethylene Food Service Gloves

The amount of bacteria your body contains and sheds is surprising. Maintain good hygiene by providing protection. Use disposable food gloves made from various materials: latex rubber, vinyl, or nitrile food gloves. Many factors define the effectiveness of such safety products. Vinyl food gloves protect foods from direct skin contact. They are easy to check and enforce than hand washing frequency. People can also use them to improve grip and prevent cross-contamination.

If your food requirements involve tasks other than handling food, remove and discard the food gloves. Perform the non-food related job, then wash your hands before wearing a new pair. The use of disposable gloves is a common practice in most food businesses. Food handlers sometimes use gloves to protect their hands rather than protect the food they process, which is a wrong approach.  

Disposable Glove Tips for Effective Use

  • Use gloves made for food handling
  • Always sanitize or wash hands before wearing gloves
  • Use high-quality vinyl or nitrile food gloves
  • Change gloves to prevent cross-contamination
  • Reinforce good hand hygiene practices
  • Avoid contact between cooked and raw food

    Cooked food can become contaminated when it comes in contact with the raw food. There are many activities that can lead to cross-contamination.   When raw poultry items come into contact with the cooked item, or when someone prepares raw meat and then uses the same unwashed knife or hands to handle cooked meat.

    Hand Washing is Key to Kitchen Hygiene

    Develop a working environment where staff washes hands before preparing food. It is necessary to wash hands after handling poultry, fish, or meat. If some workers have an infection on their hands, make sure they cover the wounds with a bandage.

    Purell Professional Surface Disinfectant Spray

    Keep food contact surfaces sanitized

    Food is vulnerable to contamination. Keep surfaces used for food preparation clean. Food prep surfaces can be a reservoir of germs that can transfer into food and cause health concerns. Clean food preparation areas and buy Lysol online with food service wipes that prevent contamination.

    Why you should use Food Safety Disposable Apparel

    Food safety standards demand that employees operating within food facilities take precautionary measures to ensure anything from their clothing and body does not contaminate the food contact surface or the food itself. Minimize direct contact with food by wearing food industry supplies.

    It is up to you to identify vulnerable areas and take steps to ensure safe food handling. For instance, you can make it mandatory to wear food gloves for people who work in food preparation. Define food service policies and hygiene standards so that your staff can comply. Almost every food working environment requires regular use of food handler gloves. Staff must change their gloves as often as they would have washed their hands.

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