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The Difference Between Medical Cotton Swabs and Regular Cotton Swabs

medical cotton swabs

Summary – Medical grade cotton swabs meet a higher standard than regular cotton swabs. Some cotton medical swabs are suitable for testing or wound care.

Medical Cotton Swabs

Medical cotton swabs by trusted brands like Puritan Medical Products meet a high-quality standard making them suitable for medical exams and doctor offices.

Medical cotton swabs are non-toxic and won’t cause irritation when cleaning wounds or applying ointment. 

Many medical swabs come individually wrapped to maintain sterility, but not all medical swabs are sterile. 

Regular Cotton Swabs

Regular cotton swabs share similarities with medical grade swabs. For one, they both can absorb liquids and hold up through wear. It won’t cause irritation when applying ointment at home, nor will it scratch your electronic device if using it for electronic cleaning

Regular cotton swabs are suitable for household use and can be used for wound treatment in non-medical settings. But, households still may prefer to buy medical grade swabs due to their superior quality and hygiene standards. 

The best cotton swabs are made of cotton sourced in the United States and won’t deteriorate when stored for long periods. In short, cotton swabs are there when you need them.

Where can I buy cotton swabs?

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