5 Benefits of Protective Arm Sleeves

protective arm sleeves

1. Dedicated Arm Protection

The first thing you need to figure out is whether your employees should wear arm sleeves at all. The answer is yes if their job gives them burns and cuts or they need protection from liquids and other hazards.

Gloves with extra long cuffs can protect the arms. You should use breathable arm sleeves because extended cuffs don’t cover as much of the arm as a sleeve does.

And when your gloves wear out, you will lose your arms protection. Following are some more benefits of using quality protective arm sleeves:

2. Protection Against Cuts

As the name suggests, the significant advantage of wearing cut-resistant sleeves is protection against cuts. However, exposing your arms to cut threats is not advisable when you don’t have the proper protective equipment.

In addition, there are different styles of breathable cut-resistant sleeves with various ASTM cut resistance ratings. And the proper use of kevlar cut-resistant sleeves will protect your arms from sharp materials no matter the industry.

3. Protection Against Flames

So if you or your employees work around welding spatters or flames, kevlar sleeves arm protection can help avoid burns and skin injuries. Sometimes people overlook the need for arm sleeves, which is not good practice.

As a safety manager, ensure you get comfortable and reliable arm sleeves for your employees so they cover as much of their arms as possible.

4. Heat Resistance

As mentioned earlier, cut-resistant sleeves protect the wearer against cuts and protect against heat, and burns.

Most of all, it is essential that you get protective equipment that is effective against many workplace hazards. If you are associated with an industry where you have to deal with various threats, go for multi-purpose kevlar cut-resistant sleeves.

5. Ease of Material Handling

If your profession requires you to carry large and sharp materials, you might brush them against your arms. So, wearing full-arm sleeves will help avoid scratches and brushes during material handling.

If you need protection from liquids, dust, and other debris, then plastic arm sleeves can provide a base level of security and prevent dead skin from making its way into food processing lines. 

Harmony Can Help

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