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Shop Towels That Wow: Sontara Multi-purpose Wipes

Sontara Multi-Purpose Textured Shop Towels, 12 x 13 in.
500500Sontara Multi-Purpose Textured Shop Towels, 12 x 13 in.

Featuring: Dupont Sontara Multi-Purpose 12” X 13” Shop Towel Wipes – MP1213WT 

High-Performing, Ultra-Clean Cellulose / Polyester Wipers

Shop Towels That Wow

Finally a shop towel that traps and removes thick gooey liquids, greases, and dirt! Ink, oil, paint, resin, and syrup don’t stand a chance. These wipes are also great for scrubbing away build-up like carbon. It cleans without damaging the surface like abrasive pads can. 

Disposable and economical. Throw them away when you’re done. Eliminates your laundry costs and minimizes cross-contamination.

Shop Towels Made in the Cleanest, Strongest Way

Did you know Sontara produces wipes with proprietary technology using powerful water jets? This technique entangles the fabric together while also washing it. This makes high-performing, ultra-clean, low-lint wipes and towels. All without any binders, chemicals, or adhesives to contaminate your work! Sontara wipes are the only choice if you’re looking for quality and high performance.

Wipes that won’t fall apart or snag

Sontara Multi-Purpose Textured Shop Towels, 12 x 13 in.
Sontara Multi-Purpose Textured Shop Towels, 12 x 13 in.

These towels won’t fall apart on you or snag on corners like other wipes. 

Wipes away most anything, even the competition! Get the job done right and fast at an affordable price with Sontara multipurpose shop towels wipes. 

The perfect wipe for these jobs and more:

  • Maintenance Bays
  • Mechanic Shops and Garages
  • Facilities
  • Non-Cleanroom Production Lines
  • Manufacturing
  • Food Processing Equipment
  • Hauling
  • Boats
  • Trucking
  • Farms and Tractors
  • and so much more

Towels with Trapping Texture

Textured crepe design made of spunlace polyester/cellulose fabric gives extra scrubbing and trapping power. Plus they’re non-abrasive, so they won’t scratch your projects. No contaminants stand in your way with Sontara multipurpose wipes! Packaged pre-folded in quarters. Unfolds to a length of 12” and width of 13”. Big or small enough for almost any task. 

Pro Tip: Remember for the best performance, use your wipes folded! Wipe in ¼ folds, or halves. This lets you use more wiping surfaces and layers of absorbency, so you get the most out of your wipes. Wipe up, then use the other side! For cleaner jobs you can even fold them over again and get even more out of your shop towels. Careful not to cross-contaminate in sensitive areas. If your wipe is full and dirty, grab another one!

Try out Sontara Multipurpose wipes on your next shop job. 

You’ll see and feel the difference! 

Top 5 Reasons to try Sontara Multipurpose Shop Towels:

  1. Debri-trapping texture and strength by design
  2. Scrubs away built-up contamination without damaging surfaces
  3. Ultra-clean from the start
  4. minimizes cross-contamination by being disposable
  5. Great for cleaning equipment, facility maintenance, production areas, lab operations, and more!