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Types of Swabs and Their Uses Swabs, a ubiquitous part of healthcare and diagnostic settings, have gained significant attention in recent times due to the

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Industrial cleaning is a critical component of maintaining efficient operations, ensuring product quality, and adhering to safety standards.

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In the realm of arts and crafts, creativity knows no bounds, especially when you think outside the box with everyday materials. One such item is the humble cotton swab.

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We have industry specific swab knowledge for biotechnology firms, university research centers, police departments and law enforcement, and silicon valley chip manufacturers.

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Swabs – Frequently Asked Questions

What is a swab test?

A swab test is a test to diagnose certain bacteria and viral infections. A swab test can involve taking samples from the front or back part of your nostril, the uppermost part of your throat, or the inside of your mouth. The practitioner generally inserts the swab and rotates in the desired area for 10-15 seconds. You don’t need to do anything special to prepare for a swab test unless directed by your health care provider.

What swab do I need?

Check to see if your application is listed below. If not contact us and we can get the exact swab you need. We’ve been providing swabs since 2006 to a variety of pharmaceutical, biotechnology, government and university research centers, law enforcement and more.

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