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How to Avoid Germs This Flu Season

Ways to Avoid Germs this Flu Season

Germs are a concern year-round, especially in shared environments like workplaces. Yet, during flu season, it’s particularly important to avoid picking up any germs. According to the CDC, flu viruses can range in severity from mild to severe, and for more than 4,600 people per year, they’re even fatal.

The flu is most dangerous for elderly individuals, pregnant women, children, and people with certain preexisting medical conditions. With that being said, even people in excellent health can become severely ill from particularly strong strains of the virus. Since no one wants to spend days (or in some cases, even weeks) feeling their worst, there are a few tips you can implement to keep flu germs at bay in your family, workplace, and community:

Talk to Your Doc . . .

They’ll likely recommend the flu shot for you and your family members – it’s the single best way to prevent contracting the illness. Only a select portion of the population – including those who have had severe allergic reactions to the vaccine – should avoid flu shots. However, it’s always a good idea to get a professional’s opinion. Also, keep in mind that flu vaccinations wear off over time. The vaccine is updated each year to reflect current strains, so be sure to follow the vaccination schedule recommended by your physician.

. . . Don’t Consider Yourself “Immune”

If you’ve received a flu vaccination, it doesn’t mean you’re completely immune to contracting the virus. In fact, the CDC reports the risk of contracting the flu is reduced by 40-60% in patients who receive the vaccine. The overwhelming majority of medical experts still consider it worth getting, but know that it protects against certain strains than others. This means you’ll still need to take precautions to avoid falling ill, so keep reading even if you’ve received or plan to receive a flu shot.

Encourage Employees to Stay Home

The best way to keep flu germs out of the workplace is to prevent infected employees from bringing them in. If you manage a team or oversee a business, encourage your personnel to stay home when they’re feeling under the weather. Most strains are highly contagious, and can even be contracted when you breathe in a flu aerosol particle from ten feet away!

Wash Hands Regularly

There are certain environments – such as your home and personal work space – which you can control and keep clean. In public environments, however, you’re bound to come into contact with flu viruses at one point or another. To limit your exposure, wash your hands often, and always before eating or touching your face. When you’ve come into contact with frequently-used public objects, like cafeteria trays, ATMs, and door handles, wash your hands or use hand sanitizer.

Limit the Spread of Infection

Fight viruses with the Curad Anti-Viral Face Mask

Most doctor’s offices now provide face masks in the patient waiting area, which should be donned by potentially infected visitors. If you own or manage a healthcare facility, keep an ample supply of anti-viral face masks on hand for the flu season. Nurses and doctors may also wish to put on face masks before treating potentially infected patients to reduce their risks of contracting the illness. Also, keep in mind the virus can be spread up to seven days before a person exhibits symptoms. Thus, it’s a good idea to avoid sharing straws, makeup products, and similar objects with others.

Keep Your Spaces Clean

Wipe away germs with CleanTex Phone Wipes

According to a Clorox survey, 41% of workers say they rarely – if ever – disinfect their desks. Your cubicle and similar personal spaces can harbor countless germs, so taking extra precautions to keep them clean during flu season is essential to your wellness. From your cubicle to your household, wipe down surface areas often to keep germs at bay. Keep office environments well-stocked with cleaning supplies which can be used safely on electronics like touch-screen computers and keyboards. Use CleanTex Phone Wipes for desk equipment and phones and use CleanTex Clean and Safe wipes or Purell Sanitizing Hand Wipes for your hands.

Cover Your Cough

If you do get the flu or feel like it could be coming on, be sure to cover your mouth when sneezing or coughing. Afterwards, clean your hands to prevent passing your germs onto any surface areas. The flu virus isn’t just spread by airborne respiratory droplets; it can also be passed by skin-to-skin contact and by touching a contaminated surface. Leave a germ-free surface by cleaning with disinfectant wipes.

Practice Healthy Habits

Eating a nutrient-rich diet is a great way to boost your body’s immunity, but many individuals still fall short in certain vitamins and minerals. Talk to your doctor about taking a multivitamin to stay as healthy as possible, and be sure to get plenty of sleep. If you do contract the flu, stay hydrated and seek medical attention if any symptoms become extreme.

Keep your office environment clean this flu season by stocking up on disinfecting wipes, sanitizers, anti-viral face masks and more through Harmony. We have everything you need to stop germs in their tracks. Visit our online storefront for a full list of products, or get in touch with a product specialist for assistance.

Gloves Tips

Cold & Flu Season Has Begun

It’s the time of year when the cold and flu start to spread and get a lot of people sick.

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), flu viruses are the most common during fall and winter months. Between 5-20% of Americans get the flu and miss 70 million work days!

Here’s some tips to help prevent illness and stay healthy!

Wash Hands — The CDC says washing hands is one of the most effective ways you can stay healthy and avoid spreading germs to others. Well-maintained and easy-to-use soap and towel dispensers can help make handwashing a part of a daily wellness routine.

Sanitize — 80% of germs can be transmitted by hand! Germs on hands can be transferred up to 7 times. Frequently-touched surfaces become viral hot spots. Protect your customers and employees with sanitizers that kill the germs that may make them sick.

Disinfectants — Germs can live for days on hard surfaces, and with every touch, you pick up 30-50% of the organisms living there. Disinfectants cleans and kills 99% of germs.

Paper Products — Reduce the risk of infection by using paper products, then tossing after use. Use tissues to trap sniffles and sneezes, toilet seat covers for sanitary protection and towels to thoroughly dry hands – all helping to significantly reduce germs and illness.

Personal Protection — Everyday preventive actions can help successfully slow the spread of germs that cause many illnesses. Play it safe with gloves and face masks that protect and safeguard your health.

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Safety Tips

5 Tips for Flu Season

5 Tips for Flu Season


Did you know that 80% of infectious illnesses are spread through hands and surfaces?

Reduce cross-contamination of germs by keeping a clean and hygienic environment.


Follow these 5 simple tips to stay healthy during this flu season!


Tip 1: Wash Hands Often

Wash hands, especially before eating, after using the restroom, and after being outside. Use soap and warm water for 20 seconds.

This is the minimum recommended time to get your hands clean. It is also important to dry your hands with a fresh, clean towel.


Tip 2: Get Immunized

The flu virus can spread fast, so get vaccinated.

You can get vaccinated for H1N1 and the seasonal flu at the same time, in the same shot.


Tip 3: Use Anti-Viral Facial Tissue

Some cold and flu viruses can live up to 24 hours on regular tissues, so use an Anti-Viral facial tissue that will kill 99.9% of common cold viruses.


Tip 4: Cough or Sneeze into your Elbow

One sneeze can spray up to 3,000 infection droplets into the air at more than 100 MPH. If you don’t have a tissue handy, use the inner part of your sleeve at the elbow. Do you part to help reduce the fast spread of germs.


Tip 5.: Stay Home if Sick

Don’t get your workspace sick by showing up sick. Stay home if your’re sick. The work will wait, and you won’t spread your illness to coworkers.


Reduce cross-contamination of germs by keeping a clean and hygienic environment.


You can also fight viruses and stay protected with Curad Anti-Viral Face Masks.


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