Best Coated Work Gloves

best coated work gloves

If you’ve had to work in the cold then you’ll appreciate having gloves that keep your hands warm and protected. The best coated work gloves resist cuts, abrasions, and tears while improving your grip on the job. 

Don’t get stuck with whatever work glove is lying around. Try the best coated glove you can find and experience the difference for yourself. We have tried over thirty coated gloves to find the best. Keep reading if you want the ins and outs of choosing a coated glove.

How Do You Choose the Best Coated Gloves?

We have tried over thirty coated gloves and reached a simple conclusion: overpriced work gloves don’t last any longer than cheap gloves. Plus, you’ll feel cheated when your expensive work gloves degrade into dust. For everyday work, we recommend a simple pair of coated gloves that cost less then a $1 each. We recommend buying coated gloves by the dozen and keeping a pack handy in your truck. 

When you reach the jobsite, grab a clean pair of gloves and when they get dirty or beyond repair, throw them out. It’s that simple at the end of the day. For light work you can easily wash the glove and use it the next day without skipping a beat. 

If you have additional concerns, below are key considerations when purchasing coated gloves:

How demanding is your applications?

The answer to the question “what are nitrile coated gloves used for” is faceted. If you need protection from cold and want advanced grip then a coated glove is ideal for you. The coating also resists punctures and tears providing basic cut resistance, although many are not ANSI rated and don’t make official claims.  

Coated gloves also protect your skin against harsh chemicals and petroleum products. Whether your application is highly demanding or not, you can expect coated gloves to last months even after machine washing cold and line drying. The best coated gloves cost less than $1 each meaning they are easily disposable. Our customers tell us that a household can use the same glove for well over a year before needing a replacement. 

What is your budget?

Coated workgloves vary depending on the levels of protection they provide. A glove that is rated as extensively cut resistant will cost more than a basic glove. We recommend finding the exact glove you need and then taking advantage of wholesale pricing for your bulk order. 

We found that the best gloves are cost effective and should be less than a $1 each. You don’t want to keep buying the same $10 pair of gloves that wear down after a month. Instead get a dozen pairs of coated gloves for less than $1 each and keep them in your truck or at the job site. Replace the gloves as needed.

Do you have latex allergies?

If you have latex allergies then do not purchase any latex coated work glove. Although the latex coating is only on the outside of the glove, after use you will find your hands become irritated. We highly recommend using polyurethane coated gloves to avoid latex irritation. 

Unlike disposable gloves, there is only minor differences between a latex or nitrile coating. Still, a nitrile coated work glove provides a comfortable fit and is loved by many professionals. There are many uses including home use, gardening, and industrial labor. For a synthetic material it feels natural!

What size gloves do you need?

Coated gloves each have a different size chart depending on the manufacturer. You can find specific details on each product’s detail page. There is no standardized size chart, but manufacturers don’t vary too much and if you have an XL in one glove you likely are XL in another.

If you haven’t purchased a glove before, then measure your hand size using a cloth tape measure around the widest part of your palm. Compare this data point with the manufacturer’s size chart to find your exact fit. For those who want a comfortable fit, it is alright to go a size up.

To keep the glove from shrinking ensure that they are machine washed cold and then hung to dry. Minimal shrinkage may still occur.


Best Coated Work Gloves

If you need a tactical grip work glove try the Showa Atlas 300. Its ergonomic design, seamless construction, and comfortable material blend performs in a wide range of applications such as gardening, carpentry, masonry, and planting.  

The open-back design allows air to regulate and cool you down on hot days, and the elastic wrists prevents dirt and debris from entering the glove.

Did we mention this work glove is good for gardening? The rough textured natural latex rubber palm coating maximizes grip.

‘Showa’ translates to “finding a balance amongst elements” in Japanese. SHOWA is a fully integrated manufacturer of industrial hand protection with the Atlas 300 leading amongst its best selling work gloves.

  • Durable construction built to last

  • Comfortable fit even on long shifts

  • Highly grippable latex coating

  • Sizes Extra-Small to Extra-Large in stock

  • Slightly more expensive than G-Grip gloves


Showa Atlas 300 are one of the best selling general purpose work gloves for a reason.

Exceptional comfort, grip, and performance earned these gloves a top spot on our list. For gardening, woodworking, masonry, and general labor these gloves excel. 

Showa Atlas 300 Latex Coated Glove, Seamless Knit, Rough Texture for Improved Grip, Blue/Gray, 1 pair

  • Natural Rubber (Latex) coating offers durable protection and resists puncture and abrasion.
  • Rough textured latex coating retains dexterity and provides excellent grip even in wet conditions.
  • Elastic knit wrist for a secure fit, prevents debris from entering.
  • Open-back, seamless cotton/polyester knit shell ensures breathability and reduces perspiration for long-lasting comfort.
  • Choose from sizes Small to XL. 

This work glove has a black flexible latex palm and finger coating over a red durable string knit shell. Latex work gloves have a sure grip and protect against cuts and scrapes.

These natural coated gloves provide multi-purpose protection for your hands. Water-resistant, nonslip, and a firm grip. Latex coating is an extra barrier material on work gloves.

An extra layer of protection allows you to keep comfortable, while adding grip and hand protection. Latex coated gloves are suitable for handling small parts. Use in the automotive industry, metal stamping, construction work, and general purposes. These latex palm gloves offer strong grip, dexterity, good abrasion resistance, puncture-resistance and durability.

Latex has very high elasticity and exceptional grip capabilities compared to other glove materials. In regards to chemicals, it resists alcohols and certain ketones. But they perform poorly around most hydrocarbon and organic solvents, such as gasoline and kerosene.

  • Natural latex coating

  • Built to withstand tough work conditions

  • Comfortable and grippable

  • Not suitable for those with latex sensitivities


Liberty A-Grip Textured Latex Coated Work Gloves offer exceptional grip, comfort, and dexterity in a durable glove that will last through many launderings and days on the job-site.

If you need a grip and aren’t affected by latex sensitivities, we recommend Liberty A-Grip Textured Latex Coated Work Gloves. 

Liberty A-Grip Textured Latex Coated Work Glove

  • Premium Textured Black Latex Palm Coating for an outstanding grip.
    • Latex coating offers great dexterity and sensitivity, excelling at handling building materials.
    • Great for general handling and warehouse work.
  • 13 gauge seamless red nylon/polyester knit back of glove is breathable and comfortable.
  • Coating withstands abrasion and tearing.
  • Lasts through many launderings.

Liberty P-Grip Ultra-Thin Polyurethane Coated Gloves offer exceptional value for your money as each glove costs less than $1 each and provides weeks of heavy use or months of light household work.

For household tasks these gloves protect your hands and allow you to get a grip on the task at hand. No slips, slides, or injury caused by you not having a hold on what you’re doing.

The gloves are extremely comfortable for long wear and don’t cut off circulation to your fingers. The coating also extends the life of the glove.

  • Less than $1 each!

  • Exceptional Fit and Feel

  • Durable material

  • Improves your natural grip

  • Not suitable for advanced chemical, heat, or cold protection


Liberty P-Grip polyurethane coated gloves offer cost effective protection at work. Keep a dozen in your truck or at your worksite to easily get a new pair when you need one.

If you do light household work then these gloves will last through machine washes. Try out these cost effectiveness coated gloves today!

P-Grip Ultra-Thin Polyurethane Coated Glove, Comfortable, Durable Work Glove

  • Ultra-Thin 13 gauge black Nylon/polyester Knit Work Gloves with a polyurethane coating on the palms to improve your grip.
  • Palm coated gloves offer improved dexterity, breathability and air circulation.
  • These gloves fit snugly for wearing all day.
  • Polyurethane gloves offer protection from oils, solvents and greases.
  • Less than $1 each before volume discounts!

Why do you need a MICRO-FOAM Grip? The coating enhances the gloves abrasion, puncture, cut, and tear resistance regardless of your work conditions.

If you need a secure grip in oily and wet conditions, these micro-foam coated nylon gloves are for you. 

And when you’re done at work, throw these gloves in the washer and let them hang dry. You’ll be ready to go in no time with these durable 100% nylon gloves.

  • Synthetic latex-free coating

  • Excellent grip in wet conditions

  • Highly puncture and chemical resistant

  • Only sold by the dozen


Liberty G-Grip Nitrile Micro-Foam Coated Gloves are ideal for wet and dry applications that require an enhanced grip.

For those with latex allergies, these gloves are ideal as the coating is 100% synthetic nitrile.

Liberty G-Grip Nitrile Micro-Foam Coated Glove

  • Black Nitrile Micro-Foam coating provides tactile sensitivity, and dexterity.
  • 15 gauge 100% nylon shell is comfortable for all day wear.
  • Excellent in wet and dry applications.
  • Nitrile Palm Coating has a high puncture and chemical resistance.
  • Superior grip and abrasion resistance.
  • EN388 Rated 4121 (Abrasion 4, Cut 1, Tear 2, Puncture 1).
  • Choose from sizes: XS to XXL

A reinforced thumb crotch and natural rubber coating ensure these abrasion-resistant gloves keep hands protected and comfortable during hard-wearing jobs. The dark colors prevent staining and keep the gloves of a higher standard for longer.

Seamless lining within the work glove reduces irritation over long periods of wear, and its ergonomic design fits like a second skin to reduce hand fatigue.

The material is breathable allowing you to work for extended times without fatigue all while enhancing your grip and keeping you safe from tears, abrasions, and light cut resistance. 

  • Trusted brand only manufactures quality gloves

  • Natural latex coating

  • Highly breathable for hot days

  • More expensive than alternatives


Showa Atlas 330 gloves are one of the best selling and highest quality general purpose work gloves you can find on the market today.

Showa Atlas 330 Latex Coated, General Purpose Work Gloves

  • Seamless polyester-cotton knit liner goes on fast and easy. Knit wrist keeps out particles.
  • Reinforced thumb crotch for added durability.
  • Natural rubber palm offers good abrasion resistance.
  • Good choice for material handling, roofing, and more!
  • Chose from sizes Small to XL. 12 pairs.

Liberty P-Grip work gloves are made with 100% nylon and then coated with polyurethane, a synthetic rubber that resists tears, abrasions, and some chemicals. 

The seamless knit makes these gloves very comfortable and easy to don. These gloves have the same fit and feel as the black p-grip gloves, but have a grey shell for applications that need a lighter color glove.

  • Durable, built to last

  • Enhanced tactile feedback

  • High resistance to abrasions and tears

  • Grey color will attract stains


Liberty P-Grip Polyurethane Coated Gloves last up to 10x longer than disposable gloves. If you need a secure grip, comfortable fit, then try these p-grip gloves.

Liberty P-Grip Polyurethane Coated Gloves, Grey Shell

  • Cutting edge technology polyurethane
  • Extremely comfortable for prolonged wear
  • Excellent dexterity, sensitivity and fit
  • Colored cuffs for easy size identification
  • Durable to last through multiple
  • Also available in Black (SP4638BK)

Liberty A-Grip natural latex coated work gloves are perfect for warehouse and general labor. The natural coating is made from 100% natural latex rubber derived from tree sap and is naturally resistance to some chemicals, tears, and abrasions.

These work gloves are also far more durable than disposable gloves and can last multiple launderings. 

  • Ideal for warehouse work

  • Natural rubber coating

  • Durable, comfortable material

  • Color can easily stain


Liberty A-Grip Latex Coated Gloves are the perfect gloves for warehouse work as their grip enhances your ability to grab onto boxes, ladders, and safety cutters.

Liberty A-Grip Latex Coated Gloves, Natural Coating, Blue/Gray

  • Cut, abrasion, and puncture resistant blue latex coating on palm/finger tips.
  • Palm coating is flexible and comfort for improved dexterity.
  • 10 Gauge seamless string knit shell for all day comfort.
  • Elastic knit wrist to keep debris out.
  • Choose your size – SM to XL.
  • 12 pairs per poly bag.

Liberty Q-Grip Nitrile Coated Gloves are breathable with an elastic cuff that wont allow liquid, dust, or debris to enter and annoy you.

The grip may not be perfect for package handlers, but those needing light duty protection in a kitchen, arts & crafts room, or yard-work will love the Q-Grip.

These work gloves are a great price and an excellent value that last through the wash and will be ready to go when you need them. Painting, sanding, general labor, and cleaning are all tasks suited to the Q-Grip.

  • Excellent value

  • Robust 13 guage 100% nylon shell

  • Machine washable

  • Light duty protection

  • Not suitable for many wet applications


Liberty Q-Grip gloves are great general purpose work gloves with a lightweight shell that fits your hand like a glove.

For those needing light duty protection around the house or garden these gloves are for you.

Liberty Q-Grip Nitrile Coated Glove, Gray/White, Ideal for General Household Use

  • Advanced nitrile coating with a proprietary formula for maximum grip
  • Extremely comfortable 13 gauge 100% nylon shell is ideal for prolonged wear
  • Excellent dexterity, sensitivity and fit
  • Colored cuffs for easy size identification
  • Durable to last through multiple launderings
  • XS-2XL

Liberty P-Grip gloves are suitable for tasks in which a natural coating is not feasible due to latex allergies or other concerns. The polyurethane coating has qualities. that make this glove have high levels of abrasion and tear resistance while providing basic levels of cut resistance.

Anyone who has done general labor will appreciate having quality work gloves that don’t get in the way. Once you put these gloves on, you wont want to take them off.

  • Durable and comfortable

  • Robust coating enhances your work

  • Machine washable

  • Color can easily stain


Liberty P-Grip gloves are suitable for general labor, warehouse, gardening, masonry and more.

Try them out today and you’ll see why people love p-grip gloves.

Liberty P-Grip Polyurethane Coated Gloves, White

  • Ultra-Thin 13 gauge Nylon String Knit Work Gloves have a polyurethene coating on the palms to improve your grip. Palm coated gloves offer improved dexterity, breathability and air circulation.
  • Fits like a glove. These gloves fit snugly for wearing all day.
  • Polyurethene gloves offer some protection from oils, greases and solvents.
    • Caution. They are not designed to protect from excessive heat or cold or from harsh chemicals.
  • Choose from XS-XL sizes.

Portwest A195 touchscreen work gloves have a polyurethane coating that maximizes your grip. You will be able to complete intricate and delicate tasks accurately.

These work gloves have low lint fabric for electronic assembly, repair, and precise soldering tasks. The 13 gauge liner is comfortable and seamless. 

The certified A1 cut resistance suits light duty tasks in which using a touchscreen device is necessary for your work.

  • Touchscren compatible with all devices

  • Comfortable

  • Low lint fabric

  • Certified A1 cut resistance

  • Not suitable for medium or heavy tasks


Portwest A195 Touchscreen Gloves provide light duty protection with a heavy duty grip. Its PU coating meaning you will be able to handle any materials comfortably and securely. 

These touchscreen gloves are ideal for warehouse, packaging, general industry, and household tasks.

Portwest A195 Polyurethane Coated Gloves, Touchscren Compatible, Android and Apple Devices, Light Cut Resistance

  • Ultra-Thin 13 gauge pylon work gloves with polyurethane coating on the palms can be used with most mobile touchscreen devices and improve your grip.
  • 100% breathable seamless liner won’t irritate hands. 100% engineered polyester 
  • Enhanced grip and protection from oils, solvents and greases. 
  • Palm coated gloves offer improved dexterity, breathability and air circulation.
  • ANSI A1 Cut resistance.
  • Color: Purple nylon shell, black PU coating.
  • Choose from XS-2XL sizes.

Showa Atlas 350 nitrile coated work gloves have a durable nitrile coating that pairs well with its comfortable cotton-polyester knit liner. The elastic wrist is comfortable and ensures that dust doesn’t enter the glove while working. 

The gloves are resistant to many chemicals but are rated level 3 in abrasion and puncture resistance, while rated level 2 in cut resistance. This protection is suitable for light duty activities.

Showa Atlas 350 gloves are suitable for transport, public utilities, mechanic, logistics, and construction work. 

  • Grease and oil resistant

  • Seamless, non-irritating fabric

  • Abrasion and puncture resistant

  • Only sizes small to extra-large in stock


Showa Atlas 350 gloves are excellent general purpose work gloves with excellent protection for light duty tasks.

If you need light protection from cuts, abrasions, and punctures then try Atlas 350 gloves.

Showa Atlas 350 Nitrile Coated Work Gloves

  • Great dexterity and flexibility
  • Improved grip coating for enhanced performance
  • Nitrile coating is oil resistant
  • Elastic wrist prevents debris from entering the glove
  • Mimics the curvature of a human hand to reduce fatigue
  • Breathable back of hand to reduce perspiration
  • Surface provides tactile feel and better grip
  • Designed for easy movement and continuous wear
  • No irritation by seams in contact with the skin

What is the best coated glove brand?

The answer to your question “who makes the best coated gloves?” is Liberty, with decades of experience manufacturing quality gloves and safety products for commercial and personal applications. Showa is a close second with excellent high quality gloves, but are at a higher price point than Liberty.

Liberty’s best and most popular coated glove is the P-Grip Ultra-Thin Polyurethane Coated Gloves thick because of its all around durability, cost, and reliabilities making it a powerhouse for warehouse workers and other industrial use cases.

  • Durable fabric

    Many coated gloves are made from whatever is leftover on the floor. Liberty only uses quality inputs and has complete control over their supply chain, meaning no shady dealers giving you bad gloves.

  • Consistent Protection

    Your hands deserve the best protection and shouldn't let you down no matter the job at hand!

  • USA Product Support

    If you need at any time, you are welcome to call our friendly support team. - Blog