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Best Disposable Gloves for Cannabis Cultivation

Best Disposable Gloves for Cannabis Cultivation

Summary – Nitrile gloves offer the best protection for cannabis growers needing disposable gloves.

Disposable gloves can prevent the spread of bacteria and microorganisms that can affect your plant’s health and output as a grower.

But there is no use for disposable gloves if they rip easily. You need the best disposable gloves for the job.

When growing plants for your cannabis or CBD business, you ensure a high-quality end product for your user. Contamination can occur at any stage of the planting and cultivation process. Bacteria and fungi can spread quickly unless precautions are taken.

Does a cannabis grower need to use disposable gloves?

Growers can benefit from using disposable nitrile gloves for trimming, cultivation, processing, handling, and inspecting cannabis products. Workers appreciate the extra protection, and your customers benefit from increased hygiene standards. 

Your state’s regulatory agency may mandate gloves for your workers. 

What is the best type of disposable glove for cannabis growers?

We recommend disposable nitrile gloves for their superior comfort, protection, and chemical resistance.  Because there are a variety of chemicals you may encounter, nitrile is a good choice because of its broad chemical resistance.

Does a cannabis grower need nitrile medical gloves?

The University of Washington does not explicitly recommend medical-grade gloves, but they can provide extra peace of mind. Some cannabis cultivators found that food-grade nitrile gloves actually contaminated their harvest.

Because of this, we recommend nitrile exam gloves for critical tasks in cannabis cultivation, harvesting, and processing. Nitrile gloves should be used to prevent irritation from latex allergies and to maintain the highest hygiene standards. 

What reusable gloves are best for cannabis harvesting?

We recommend getting the best-coated work gloves, like P-Grip Gloves, which protect your hands when harvesting and can easily be washed and reused.

Unlike disposable nitrile gloves, coated work gloves can be reused for months or years with proper care. Harvesters prefer reusable gloves because they last longer than disposable alternatives like nitrile.

What disposable gloves are best for cannabis harvesting?

Nitrile gloves are best for cannabis harvesting. We recommend gloves that are thicker than 4.0 millimeters to ensure good abrasion and cut resistance for your task.

Latex and vinyl gloves also provide good protection but may not have the tactile feedback you require. Even if you don’t have latex allergies, someone in your workforce may.

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