Coated gloves can protect your hands as a worker and keep your workplace compliant with OSHA.

It’s essential to ensure the work gloves you use when working with concrete provide the protection you need. Whether you are mixing, pouring, sculpting, or handling concrete, there are different gloves for your needs.

If you need an extra grip, then coated work gloves are ideal, whereas if you need impact protection for machinery and power tools, use anti-impact gloves.

Do I need gloves when working with concrete?

Yes, you can benefit from using gloves when working with concrete either for an added grip, protection, or combination.

Anti-impact gloves can reduce the strain on your hands when breaking up concrete or working with machinery. Some gloves may have added PVC plastic dots to provide an exceptional grip.

Coated gloves can provide an extra grip while working in wet conditions. Some gloves have added grip on the palms or fingertips for a sure-fire grip no matter the needs.

No matter the exact glove you pick, it’s crucial when working with wet concrete that your glove is oil resistant with a textured grip and made from water-resistant materials like a nitrile coating.

What are the benefits of concrete gloves?

Concrete gloves protect your hands from chemicals, cuts, and abrasions. They also provide an added grip, making you feel more secure on the job.

When working with your hands, you may notice discomfort or strain after long hours, and suitable concrete gloves can prevent this entirely. The right gloves also save your hands from calluses, blisters, or peeling skin. 

What are the downsides of concrete gloves?

There is no downside to using concrete gloves. Concrete is a corrosive material with natural alkalinity that can damage your hands. Concrete can strip your hands of their natural protective barrier and cause irritation. Especially when working with wet concrete, it’s imperative to use suitable gloves so the concrete doesn’t dry on your hands.

Where can I buy concrete gloves?

Trust Harmony Lab and Safety Supplies to deliver the quality concrete gloves you need with decades of experience providing an exceptional customer experience. Whether you are mixing, pouring, laying, or moving concrete blocks around, you can benefit from the proper work gloves.

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