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Best Disposable Coveralls

disposable coveralls

If you’ve had to work in hazardous or industrial settings before, you know the importance of having the highest quality safety apparel for your job.

The best disposable coveralls are made from high quality materials and wont tear or rip while working, and will keep out liquid and dust hazards.

Top 3 Disposable Coveralls

Tyvek® TY122S coveralls are made from Tyvek® 400 material, which is a flash spun high density polyethylene that produces a unique non-woven material. Tyvek® 400 is unique to Dupont and provides an ideal balance of protection, durability and comfort.

With these coveralls you get an inherent barrier against particles as small as 1.0 micron in size. Cleverly, there are no films or laminates to abrade or wear away.

Tyvek® 400 is a dependable material from a trusted brand, with unique qualities that are superior to microporous coveralls, even after wear and abrasion.

For these coveralls, they may be used in all applications needing general purpose protection, as well as lead and asbestos abatement/remediation, general maintenance/operations, spray painting, general clean-up, and more industrial applications.

  • Trusted Brand

  • Durable, Dependable Tyvek® 400 Material

  • Your size is likely available

  • Comfortable, breathable

  • Tyvek® coveralls are more expensive than other brands


Get Tyvek® TY122S Coveralls if you need disposable coveralls that you can rely on.

With its unique qualities, it offers advanced protection over microporous or other materials.

Try Tyvek TY122S® if you need the best coveralls you can find with an attached hood and boot.

Dupont Tyvek® TY122S Coveralls with Hood and Boot 

  • Maximum protection from dirt, liquid and debris. Gloves can easily be tucked in for safety. Hood is designed to cover neck and chin and fit around a respirator face mask.
  • Comfortable and strong enough to resist tears and has excellent abrasion resistance. The soft breathable fabric is comfortable for all day wear. Serged seams.
  • Safe. The best choice for wet and dry applications where superior barrier and repellency are needed. Protects against non-toxic liquid spray dirt and dust. Longer zipper with stormflap extends to chin for complete neck coverage. 
  • Multi-Use. Tyvek Coveralls are ideal for Cleanrooms, medical, pharmaceutical, non-toxic liquid handling, industrial and general use.

Kimberly Clark is a trusted brand in safety products and their KleenGuard coveralls offer advanced technology that makes them the best of the best in terms of microporous coveralls.

These disposable hooded coveralls offer economical protection during hazardous tasks involving liquids and particles. This hooded model has elastic wrists and ankles for superior protection.

This item of personal protective equipment (PPE) is most appropriate for general industry, painting, pressure washing, and maintenance tasks.

These coveralls meet ANSI/ISEA 101-1996 sizing standards making it even easier to outfit your whole operation.

  • Cost-effective

  • Trusted Brand

  • Standard ANSI/ISEA Sizing

  • Very comfortable

  • Microporous coveralls are not suitable for advanced hazards


Try Kimberly Clark KleenGuard® A35 Coveralls with Hood if you need economical protection for standard industrial hazards.

These hooded microporous coveralls have all the features you need to stay protected and comfortable on the job.

Kimberly Clark KleenGuard® A35 Coveralls with Hood

  • KleenGuard™ brand A35 Disposable Coveralls, Liquid and Particle Protection is lightweight protective clothing at an affordable price; This case contains 2X-Large (2XL) coveralls
  • Microporous film-laminated material helps protect against hazardous liquids (splashes) and dry particles (like dust and dirt)
  • Protective suit has a hood, elastic wrists and ankles
  • Available in sizes extra-small through 5XL, meets ANSI / ISEA 101-1996 standards
  • PPE for hazardous liquid handling, pressure washing, maintenance, industrial / general manufacturing

PolyGard® polypropylene coveralls are designed and manufactured by Liberty Glove & Safety, an up and coming name in the worldwide safety business. Liberty is an expert in head-to-toe safety with these coveralls complimenting there trusted X-Grip, P-Grip, and other safety work gloves.

Polypropylene is a light and breathable fabric that keeps you cool and protected from dust and grime.

The polypropylene is spun-bonded for excellent dust and barrier repellence without sacrificing breathability. The light material is a good alternative to bulky and heavyweight materials, especially when light-duty protection is all that is needed.

  • Excellent non-hazardous protection

  • Standard ANSI/ISEA Sizing

  • Competitive pricing

  • Lightweight, breathable

  • Protection not as robust as Tyvek


Try PolyGard® Polypropylene Coveralls with Hood and Boot if you need standard protection that is competitively priced and more affordable than Tyvek or Kimberly Clark alternatives.

PolyGard® Polypropylene Coveralls with Hood and Boot

  • Save money without sacrificing protection against dirt, grime and non-hazardous dry particulates. Mildew Resistant, non-allergenic.
  • Cool and Comfortable. 100% non-woven material (polypropylene) is breathable so you stay cool and protected. Polypropylene is durable and low lint, too.
  • Multi-use: Ideal for food manufacturing, light industrial, medical, anywhere a low particulate barrier garment is needed.
  • These Coveralls meets ANSI 101-1996 standards.

How Do You Choose the Best Disposable Coveralls?

Disposable coveralls keep your protection from hazardous dust, dirt, debris, and liquids. Without dependable protection, you risk tearing fabrics and broken seams. Having the best disposable coveralls you can find for your specific hazard is essential. To choose the correct disposable coverall, ask yourself the questions below.

First, does your coverall need an attached hood or boot? Second, what is your primary hazard? (e.g., dust/debris, liquid, chemicals, infectious disease) Lastly, what sizes will you need to outfit your whole workforce?

Disposable coveralls can be found with or without an attached hood or boot. These features can save you from spending extra on disposable hoods or disposable shoe covers.

Next, if your hazard is primarily dust and debris, you may want essential protection at a lower cost. Whereas, if your primary hazard is infectious diseases or chemicals, you must ensure the material can withstand your hazard before price shopping.

Lastly, it isn’t worth anything if you find the perfect coverall for you, only discover that it isn’t made in size required for your workers.


Choosing the best disposable coveralls is simple. If you need the most advanced protection, get Tyvek® TY122S Coveralls. 

  • Trusted Brand

    Tyvek® is made and developed by Dupont, the world leading safety brand.

  • Loved by users

    Tyvek® has the highest satisfaction rate when compared to other coverall brands.

  • USA Product Support

    When you buy your products at Harmony you have access to a U.S. based product support line. Call and speak with to answer your questions.

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