Best Disposable Gloves for Law Enforcement

Disposable Gloves for Law Enforcement

Summary – Police and other law enforcement personnel need protection they know will keep them safe. Nitrile gloves provide sufficient barrier protection necessary for forensics and other sensitive tasks.

What gloves do police officers use?

Police officers use disposable gloves such as nitrile, vinyl, and latex. Nitrile gloves provide barrier protection and prevent forensic contamination when investigating crime scenes. 

Why do police wear nitrile gloves?

Beginning in the 1990s, police departments started supplying officers with a bag of nitrile gloves. Even when padding down a suspect, police officers have used gloves to protect against needles, knives, and razor blades. 

Officers must be cognizant of preventing sample contamination and protecting themselves from bodily fluids such as blood or infectious droplets. Officers use the same medical grade nitrile gloves as EMTs to avoid infecting themselves or others with diseases such as aids, ebola, and covid-19.

What gloves does law enforcement use?

Law enforcement officers use heavy-duty work gloves and disposable nitrile gloves. Work gloves protect against cuts and abrasions caused by rough materials and sharp objects. Disposable gloves protect against infectious diseases and ensure no contaminants affect swabbing forensic samples. Some law enforcement officers may use tactical gloves, such as SWAT teams.

Disposable Gloves for Police Officers

Should law enforcement use nitrile or latex gloves?

Law enforcement should choose nitrile for its superior protection compared to latex rubber. Some people may find their skin experiences irritation when using latex. Most law enforcement departments provide nitrile gloves to their officers, forensic scientists, and other law enforcement personnel. 

3 benefits of a nitrile:

  • Broad chemical resistance provides protection against the most common chemicals found on the job
  • Fit and feel similar to latex, making it comfortable for extended use
  • Abrasion and puncture resistance

3 benefits of latex:

  • 100% natural material derived from natural tree sap
  • Comfortable fit and feel that naturally contours your hands
  • Provides good tactile feedback for precise tasks

What are the downsides of latex gloves for police officers?

Latex may inflame allergies and irritations associated with latex sensitivities in approximately 4.3% of the population.¹ Latex has good puncture and chemical resistance, but nitrile still prevails. Police departments generally provide nitrile gloves to their officers. Latex gloves may add to the stress of the job if an officer has a latex allergy.²

Why do police use orange gloves?

Police officers use orange gloves when they need to be aware of any infectious or bodily fluid, such as blood. Bodily fluids such as blood may not appear clearly to an officer wearing black gloves. However, brightly colored gloves make it obvious where infectious fluids are, which allows an officer to take extra precautions when removing their gloves.³  

Where can I buy disposable gloves for law enforcement?

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