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Best Mechanic Gloves

Best Mechanic Gloves

If you’ve worked on a car before you’ll benefit from gloves ready for heavy-duty jobs with textured fingertips for a better grip. Get the best mechanic gloves and don’t let your protective equipment get in the way of a job well done.

Whatever you need mechanic gloves for, we have you covered. We’ve reviewed dozens of disposable nitrile, latex, and reusable mechanic gloves and distilled them to the best.

We’re here to make the buying process as easy as possible.

Below, we summarize our rating process when deciding on the best mechanic gloves. Then, we offer you a brief buying guide. After which, you can read in-depth reviews of our gloves.

What Gloves Should Mechanic's Wear?

Mechanics should use gloves that are made from nitrile rubber. Because they are more flexible and have better dexterity than alternatives, you’ll feel confident handing small parts on the job.

Nitrile gloves are also puncture resistant, flexible, and are 100% latex-free. You can’t go wrong with these gloves!

How Do You Choose the Best Mechanic's Gloves?

Mechanic gloves protect your hands from cuts, abrasions, and petroleum products. Without adequate protection, you may be at risk of injury. Scratches on your skin may become infected if not treated soon after. 

The proper mechanic gloves can prevent injury. A good pair of gloves will withstand medium to heavy-duty tasks without issues. Disposable gloves are sometimes used as a base layer or in functions that don’t require abrasion or cut resistance.

Mechanic gloves should be comfortable. You wouldn’t wear something that doesn’t feel right. Read customer reviews or contact customer support to find your perfect fit.

Remember to choose a work glove that withstands your care routine. You benefit from a glove that can be washed and reused without degrading.

How Do You Choose the Best Disposable Mechanic's Gloves?

Disposable mechanic gloves keep your hands safe from chemicals found in brake fluid and oily conditions. They are a great option in light-duty applications. Confidently manage small parts with a nitrile grip glove.

Disposable gloves are perfect for working with small parts because they feature textured grips that give precise tactile feedback. They even work with motor oil!

There are many types of rubber gloves to choose from, with dozens of brands and varieties. Although thicker gloves outperform thinner counterparts, some brands may be more reliable than others. In general, be sure to read customer reviews before deciding.

Even if you use rubber gloves as a base layer underneath heavier reusable gloves, you’ll still benefit from buying from a trusted brand that offers you good value.

Ask yourself whether you need gloves that you can reuse. The thicker glove you buy increases the likelihood of you reusing it.

For those with latex allergies and sensitivities, nitrile gloves offer form-fitting comfort that keeps your hand safe from petrochemical toxins. Nitrile provides a precise grip for small and large hands. Be sure to measure your hand and consult the manufacturer’s size chart for an exact fit.

The 3 Best Mechanic Gloves in 2022


Look for what you need in the table below and click the relevant links to see our reviews.

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The 13 Best Mechanic Gloves on the Market in 2022

Do you need heavy-duty, industrial-grade disposable nitrile gloves? Get Grabber Orange Nitrile Gloves to wear underneath heavier utility gloves or for light maintenance and repair tasks.

Mechanics will appreciate that these gloves are 6.0 millimeters thick, which is 6x thicker than the competition. You will find the 100% latex-free nitrile rubber comfortable and durable.

Essential features include a diamond grip for precision tasks. You’ll be able to unscrew bolts in sticky situations that involve grease and grime. Grabber Nitrile gloves get the job done. 

  • Heavy duty Industrial Grade Nitrile rubber

  • Wear underneath heavier gloves for extra protection

  • 100% Powder-Free, Latex-Free

  • Diamond grip for precision tasks

  • Ideal material for light maintenance tasks

  • Color may not be ideal for you, some mechanics prefer black nitrile gloves


Grabber Orange Nitrile Industrial Grade Gloves are heavy-duty with a diamond embossed grip for demanding tasks.

Mechanics like them are easily visible in low light conditions for use within engine bays and tight spaces. The material protects against petroleum products.

With plenty of strength for most tasks, you won’t be disappointed with Grabber disposable nitrile gloves.

Grabber™ Orange Nitrile Gloves, 6.0 mil 100% Food Safe, Industrial Strength, Powder-Free

  • Heavy-duty nitrile rubber suitable for medium to heavy duty tasks
  • Industrial Grade suitable for heavy duty food processing
  • Ambidextrous with diamond embossed grip for precision
  • 100 gloves per dispenser box
  • The nitrile material is tough and the color is loved by automative professionals

Want a professional fit and feel? Raven black gloves conceal grease and grime with durable latex-free, powder-free nitrile rubber.

At 6.0 millimeters thick, these protect against petroleum-based products and brake fluids, and their textured fingertips ensure a precise grip in all environments.

Nitrile naturally conforms to your hands for a comfortable fit and feel no matter your work environment.

  • Textured fingertips for precise tasks

  • 6.0 mil thick rubber

  • 100% Powder-Free, Latex-Free

  • Dependable chemical resistance

  • Impacted product that may not be available


Raven Black Nitrile Gloves provide reliable protection for mechanics and automative experts.

Raven Black Nitrile Gloves, 6.0 mil Medical Grade, Industrial Strength, Powder-Free

  • Latex-free, powder-free, durable nitrile rubber
  • Exam grade barrier protection approved for use in medical settings
  • Broad chemical resistance
  • Textured for enhanced grip in wet and dry conditions.

Mechanix Wear FastFit Work Gloves live up to their reputation as the brand loved and trusted by mechanics. They understand the needs of automotive technicians, having been developed by mechanics themselves! The gloves have reinforced material in the index, thumb, and palm with essential impact protection on the knuckles.

The gloves are very comfortable and suitable for light to medium duty tasks. Many mechanics find them comfortable during the spring and summer but may still need a winter pair in cold climates. The gloves slip on easily and can easily be kept clean by wearing disposable gloves as a base layer.

Our testers have found that the stitching around the fingertips can wear quickly, so we don’t recommend machine washing. The spin cycle of a washing machine can easily rip open the finger stitching.

Mechanix Wear FastFit gloves come in one color and five sizes. If you usually hate wearing gloves, then try these! The slip-on design and material were designed to be as comfortable as possible. You can even use your phone or touchscreen device while wearing these gloves. Talk about dexterity!

  • Protective Closure for a comfortable fit throughout long shifts

  • Breathable moisture wicking material keeps you cool

  • Seamless palm with 0.8mm of synthetic leather reinforcement for optimum strength

  • Easy on and off Fast Fit design

  • Touchscreen capable highly dextrous fingertips

  • Only 1 color choice in stock


Mechanic wears FastFit Work Gloves are excellent reusable mechanic gloves for those who value comfort over maximizing abrasion and cut resistance.

These gloves can be used outside of automotive activities and are especially useful for using smartphones without removing the gloves. Yes, you read that right; this mechanic glove is touchscreen compatible on all smartphone devices.

Mechanix Wear MFF-05 FastFit Work Gloves

  • Form-fitting Trek Dry material helps keep hands cool and comfortable.
  • Flexible Thermal Plastic Rubber (TPR) Elastic cuff provides a secure fit with easy on/off flexibility. Closure provides a secure fit to the wrist.
  • Anatomically designed two-piece palm eliminates material bunching. Industrial grade hook and loop.
  • Durable material and construction from a brand trusted by Mechanics
  • Choose from sizes Small to 2XL

SAS Safety DyanGrip disposable latex gloves have advanced latex technology explicitly designed to maximize grip strength for precise tactile control of your task. Dyangrip latex gloves are manufactured to the highest quality standards and meet or exceed FDA requirements for barrier protection in medical applications.

Mechanics that prefer latex gloves may be resistant to purchasing 7.0 mil thick gloves, thinking that it will hinder your ability to be precise in your actions. This is not the case with DynaGrip latex gloves because of their textured fingertips and proprietary grip technology.

Mechanics will find these disposable latex gloves to be the ideal base layer underneath heavy-duty gloves or used alone in medium and heavy-duty applications. Because the gloves are 7.0 mil thick, they may be overkill for light applications.

  • 100% Natural Latex Rubber

  • Extra Thick 7.0 mil for heavy duty jobs

  • Fully textured fingertips to maximize grip

  • Not latex-free

  • White color shows stains


DynaGrip Latex Gloves are 7x thicker than the competition. You will be able to quickly complete medium and heavy-duty jobs without these gloves tearing. And with their advanced textured fingertips, you’ll be able to grip small parts in even the slickest conditions.

If you love latex, these gloves will meet or exceed your expectations, just like how the gloves are manufactured to the highest specs to meet or exceed FDA quality requirements for medical applications.

SAS Safety DynaGrip Latex Exam Gloves, 7.0 mil – Disposable Latex Gloves

  • Highest quality nitrile rubber is 100% latex free and 100% powder free
  • 6.6 mil thick material is 6x thicker than competitors!
  • Diamond embossed grip for maximum dexterity
  • Nitrile protects against a broad range of petroleum and chemical hazards
  • Great value for your money! 

If you’re looking for a heavy utility glove, then Ironclad Command™ is for you. It’s a long-wearing, tough utility glove with excellent tactile feel and dexterity. Duraclad® reinforcements built into the saddle, palm, thumb, and fingertips provide 8x more protection than conventional synthetic leather.

Ironclad has a history of manufacturing quality. These gloves have a certified anti-impact rating with reinforced material on the palm and side of the hands. The synthetic materials are light and breathable while maintaining durability. Retain good dexterity in basic tasks and general maintenance with Ironclad Command.

The IronClad logo acts as a knuckle guard for padding, allowing you to guard your knuckles against rough surfaces. Trust the thermoplastic rubber knuckle protection to keep your bones safe. The gloves should fit like gloves because they are snug but don’t hamper your job. A perfect-fitting mechanic glove reduces hand fatigue.

When was the last time you got a new pair? The suitable gloves provide protection against heavier equipment and harmful chemicals. IronClad provides form-fitting protection, added durability, and maximum comfort in rough and oily conditions.

  • Heavy Duty Covert Tactical Work Gloves

  • Secure fit around your wrist

  • Multi-Use for Maintenance Repair Operations, Military, Police & Law Enforcement, Shooting

  • Industrial Grade Materials

  • Palm protection is lacking making the gloves not suitable for heavy tools creating force against the palm, like in demo work

  • Not touchscreen compatible


Ironclad Tactical Command Impact Gloves are the best reusable mechanic gloves at their price point, functional touchscreen compatible design, and comfortable, breathable mesh material that protects the mechanic from light to medium hazards. 

These gloves are multi-functional for light military, police, and law enforcement functions. You may want a heavier-duty glove, but that will cost about 50% to 80% more and may not be necessary and light to medium-duty activities.

Try out these tactical mechanic gloves today and pick up a deal.

Ironclad Command Impact Gloves, Touchscreen Compatible

  • Impact protection – Anti-impact gloves with full back of hand TPR (thermoplastic rubber) coverage and reinforced palm pads absorb impacts.
  • Multi-purpose use and protection – Mechanic gloves help protect from cuts, bruises, heat, cold, and increases grip on tools. ANSI A2 cut resistance.
  • Touchscreen compatible – Conductive palm and fingers via silicone infusion that won’t wear out.
  • Breathability and comfort – Ventilated back of hand flex panel. Terry Cloth sweat wipe built-in.
  • Secure fit – TPR hook and loop closure for adjustable and secure donning.
  • Sizing – Choose from Small through Extra-Large sizes.

Grabber Black Nitrile Gloves are an excellent choice for mechanics and automotive technicians who want the protection of nitrile in a more covert color. Its diamond grip allows for specific activities to be achieved with ease. 

Its black color hides oil and grease stains, while the nitrile rubber resists wear and tear caused by chemicals and abrasions. 

The 6.0 mil thick material is most suitable for medium-duty activities and can do highly demanding work when necessary. The gloves might be overkill for light-duty tasks, but the additional protection may suit you.

Whether working in an automotive shop, machine shop, garden, or kitchen, try Grabber Black Nitrile Gloves and stay safe with high-quality disposable gloves.

  • Industrial Grade Nitrile Rubber

  • Trusted Brand

  • Precise diamond embossed grip

  • Industrial Grade Materials

  • Nitrile gloves are in the high demand


Grabber Black Nitrile Gloves have the same 6.0 mil industrial grade rubber as their orange counterparts.

These gloves have a distinct advantage in hiding oil and grease stains or as a hidden base layer underneath other mechanic gloves.

Grabber Black Nitrile Gloves, 6.0 mil Industrial Strength, Diamond Grip

  • Heavy duty 6 mil thick Black nitrile gloves with diamond embossing for maximum grip, dexterity, and protection.
  • Nitrile gloves resist punctures, tears, and many common / specialty chemicals (including solvents and grease).
  • Double-sided diamond embossing provides excellent grip for the toughest jobs, wet or dry.
  • 9.5 inch long nitrile gloves. Powder-free, ambidextrous, and with beaded cuffs for faster donning.
  • Choose from Medium to XL sizes.
  • Packaged 100 gloves to a box.

1st Knight Mechanic’s Gloves are our third choice for the best mechanic gloves.

For people who want reusable mechanic safety gear, these are for you.

Reusable gloves are more expensive than disposable gloves, but that’s to be expected. First, its synthetic leather palm and fingers allow specific jobs to be accomplished quickly. And its material is durable enough to withstand heavy-duty work. 

1st Knight Mechanic’s Gloves are the ideal balance between cost, comfort, and durability. The gloves provide protection from brake fluid and sensitive parts and reduce hand fatigue at an affordable price.

1st Knight Mechanic’s Gloves come with the highest quality U.S.-based phone support and guaranteed safe arrival when you buy at harmonycr.com. If you need any help, you can contact Harmony’s friendly product support line.

  • Covert Work Gloves

  • Strap secures gloves around our wrist

  • Multi-Use for Maintenance Repair Operations, Military, Police & Law Enforcement, Shooting

  • Industrial Grade Materials

  • Suitable material resilience only for consistent medium duty activity


1st Knight Mechanic’s Gloves are the best at their entry-level price point, functional design, and comfortable material. Machine wash cold and hang dry to keep these reusable mechanic gloves going for time on end.

These gloves are multi-functional for light military, police, and law enforcement functions. You may want a heavier-duty glove, but that will cost about 50% to 80% more. 

Try out these tactical mechanic gloves today and protect your hands with 1st Knight.

1st Knight Mechanic Gloves, Black, Liberty Glove 0916BK, 1/pair

  • Smooth surface thumb and index finger point of contact for exceptional dexterity
  • Fingertip pattern reduces seams and enhances finger tip sensitivity
  • Black Spandex panels provide flexibility and comfort.
  • Multi-purpose use.
  • Hook and loop closure for a sure, snug fit.
  • Choose from sizes Small – XL.

If you’ve had to grip small parts or move heavy machinery in cold weather, you will appreciate having extra protection from the elements that keep your hands warm while you work.

Your hands will be protected from cold with a secure fit that benefits auto repairs and provides extra protection from pinching injuries, abrasions, and hazardous chemicals. The double-stitched gloves provide ideal comfort in cold weather with excellent elasticity for automotive work.

Better yet, First Knight is known for manufacturing gloves for the long haul. Once your gloves are dirty from automotive or yard work, the machine washes cold and tumble dry low to prepare for the next day’s work. Most other winter gloves get in the way of your work, but First Knight Mechanic Gloves have a nice touch and stay comfortable in day-long projects.

Many types of gloves you will encounter are not suitable for winter. First Knight is not compatible with touchscreen devices, but its flex-grip and elastic cuff make removing the gloves easy.

  • Suitable for cold weather

  • Withstands machine washes in cold water

  • Maximize grip in winter

  • Not suitable for artic cold

  • Not touchscreen compatible


First Knight Mechanic’s Gloves are the best cold weather protection mechanic’s gloves we found. They are not suitable for the north pole but keep your hands warm in hard automotive shops and yard work in the winter.

Take a closer look at First Knight gloves if you need cold weather protection. Simply wash these reusable gloves whenever they get dirty.

Reinforcer Winter Mechanic’s Glove for Cold Weather

  • Get a grip on cold weather work. Multi-purpose winter gloves protect your hands and your improve grip during a cold day’s work.
  • Breathable, tough, and dependable. Premium goatskin leather palm and fingers for strength, durability, dexterity, and softness – even in cold weather.
  • Warmth that won’t keep you down. Full Heatlok fleece liner keeps you warm without excess weight and bulk.
  • Easy to wear in any environment. Slip-on elastic knit wrist gauntlet cuff for easy donning. Sure, snug fit keeps the winter air out and the heat in.
  • Cold protection gloves that works as hard as you do. Neoprene knuckle and polyester spandex backside provide flexibility and support.
  • Grip that doesn’t quit. Non-slip PVC palms, fingertip, and reinforced thumb crotch patches.

Carbonite black nitrile gloves have micro-roughened and textured fingertips to maximize grip strength, dexterity, and comfort. The black color is loved by tattoo artists because they hide dirt, grease, and grime. These industrial-grade disposable nitrile gloves are 100% latex-free and USDA-approved and offer the chemical and puncture resistance you expect from nitrile.hanics will also find these gloves to be everything they need to use as a base layer underneath heavier gloves or use by themselves for light applications.

Don’t settle for anything less; get extra thick Carbonite gloves today. The embossed fingertips ensure you don’t slip and can easily grip small nuts and bolts. See a complete list of pros, cons, and features below:

  • 100% Powder-Free, Latex-Free, Durable Nitrile Rubber

  • Resistant to oil and chemical hazards

  • Extra-thick material resistant to tearing

  • Color hides oil stains


Carbonite Black Nitrile Gloves are 6x thicker than competitors. It’s no wonder these gloves frequently sell out. If you find them out of stock, try Grabber or put your name on the waitlist to be notified when they’re back in stock.

These gloves are comfortable, durable, and protect you from light hazards found in automotive settings.

Carbonite HD 6.6 mil Black Nitrile Gloves – Disposable Mechanic’s Gloves

  • Highest quality nitrile rubber is 100% latex free and 100% powder free
  • 6.6 mil thick material is 6x thicker than competitors!
  • Diamond embossed grip for maximum dexterity
  • Nitrile protects against a broad range of petroleum and chemical hazards
  • Great value for your money! 

You don’t want to feel like your gloves are getting in the way! Onyx Warrior gloves strike a balance between comfort and protection. Onyx Warrior Mechanic’s Gloves have basic protection from cuts, abrasions, and tears while remaining comfortable and light for the wearer.

Onyx Warrior gloves come with foam lining to absorb vibrations and micro-annoyances. The stretchable knit fabric balances comfort and durability. The gloves will be good to go for your next day of work! After a long work day, throw these Onyx Warrior gloves in the wash and let them hang dry.

These gloves are versatile. You’ll appreciate their comfort in automotive settings and find them comfortable enough for heavy moving days and general maintenance.

  • Anti-Fatigue design for high volume applications

  • Foam lining designed to absorb vibtrations and annoyances

  • Adjustable velcro tabs for a secure fit

  • Stretchable knit fabric for maximum comfort

  • Two colors to choose from

  • Suitable material resilience for medium duty activity


Onyx Warrior Reusable Mechanic’s Gloves strike a good balance between comfort and protection. The synthetic material is less durable than Mechanic Mix or our favorite Heavy Utility Gloves, but you may find the lighter-duty shelter to fit your needs.

At this price point, you can’t beat Onyx Warrior. Try them out today and secure your fit to safely perform the mechanic’s light-changing brake fluid without damaging your skin. Pinching injuries are the worst (like stepping on a lego) and can be avoided with an abrasion-resistant mechanic glove.

Lightning Gear® Onyx Warrior™ Mechanic’s Gloves

  • High quality simulated leather provides maximum comfort and durability
  • Adjustable velcro tabs with elastic wrist to assure a secure fit
  • Spandex and nylon back allows for stretch comfort
  • Stretchable knitted fabric thumb for a secure fit
  • Premium simulated black leather palm patch
  • Black spandex fabric
  • Hoop & loop closure
  • Sizes: XS-2XL

Duraskin disposable latex gloves are made of 100% natural industrial grade latex rubber. Many find latex the most comfortable material when choosing among disposable glove rubber materials.

Whether you have big or small hands, the natural latex easily conforms to your hand. Thermoplastic rubber is the best option for many types of automotive maintenance. 

Smaller parts can easily be gripped even when covered in oil. And the grip is flexible, making the gloves perfect as a base layer and a standalone rubber glove.

  • 100% Natural Latex Rubber

  • Comfortable and durable

  • Natural grip suitable for oily conditions

  • Contains latex


Duraskin latex gloves are 5x thicker than the competition, meaning they will hold up in medium-duty activities. The best disposable gloves you’ll find are thick rubber that resists tears and abrasions at work.

You don’t want your glove to get torn and risk your safety. Get extra thick latex rubber gloves that resist cuts, tears, and abrasions.

DuraSkin Latex Gloves, Industrial Grade 5.0 mil Natural Latex Rubber, 100% Powder-Free

  • Extra thick 5 mil glove offers more protection when handling chemicals and petroleum based products.
  • Powder-Free gloves reduce allergic reactions and allow for maximal comfort.
  • Textured Fingertips improve gripping in wet and oily conditions
  • Natural Latex Rubber conforms to both small nad large hands with a natural grip.


Choosing the best mechanics gloves is simple. Each glove on this list has its benefits. We think that the Ironclad Heavy Utility Gloves are fantastic, and other gloves will work for you too.

If you need disposable mechanic gloves, without a doubt Grabber Orange Nitrile Gloves are perfect for you. For those who prefer natural latex rubber, DynaGrip Latex Gloves offer excellent protection with a precise grip.

  • Durable Material

    Trust gloves that withstand labor intensive jobs and high volume workloads.

  • Trusted Brand

    Harmony only stocks quality products from trusted brands. You can get all the supplies you need and read reviews from real customers.

  • USA Product Support

    When you buy your products at Harmony you have access to a U.S. based product support line. Call and speak with to answer your questions.

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