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Where to buy nitrile gloves? 3 Key Considerations

Nitrile gloves have become increasingly popular across various industries, including healthcare, food service, automotive, and more. Their chemical and abrasion resistance make them a popular alternative to latex or vinyl. In this guide, we’ll help you find the best places to buy nitrile gloves online and offline.

What are Nitrile Gloves?

Nitrile gloves are made from synthetic rubber, providing excellent chemical and puncture resistance. They are produced through polymerization, combining monomers to form a polymer. Nitrile gloves were invented after latex gloves and share many of the benefits of latex gloves. However, nitrile gloves offer several advantages over latex gloves:

  1. Latex-Free – Nitrile gloves are less likely to cause allergic reactions, making them a safer choice for people with latex allergies.
  2. Durable – They are more puncture-resistant than latex and vinyl gloves, providing added protection for the wearer.
  3. Broad chemical resistance – Nitrile gloves offer excellent resistance to various common chemicals and solvents, making them suitable for commercial and household use.

Why are nitrile gloves hard to find?

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought unprecedented challenges to our daily lives, and one of its ripple effects has been the shortage of nitrile gloves. Even as the pandemic winds down, some supply chain challenges remain.

  1. Supply Chain Woes – Factory shutdowns, labor shortages, and transportation issues have all affected the production and distribution of nitrile gloves, making it harder to find these essential items on store shelves and online.
  2. Raw Material Shortage – Nitrile glove production relies on specific raw materials, such as acrylonitrile and butadiene. The increased demand for gloves and other PPE has resulted in a shortage of these materials, further impacting glove production. 
  3. Production Bottlenecks – Most nitrile glove production occurs in Southeast Asia, particularly in Malaysia. When disruptions or issues arise in this region, it can considerably impact the global availability of nitrile gloves.
  4. Export Restrictions – To ensure sufficient domestic supply during the pandemic, some countries have imposed export restrictions or increased tariffs on PPE, including nitrile gloves. These restrictions make it more challenging to source gloves internationally and contribute to their scarcity.

The nitrile glove shortage can be traced back to increased demand, supply chain disruptions, raw material shortages, full production, and export restrictions.

As the situation stabilizes and these issues are addressed, we can expect the availability of nitrile gloves to improve.

However, it may still take time for the market to return to pre-pandemic levels. In the meantime, it’s crucial for consumers and businesses to be patient and explore alternative options for hand protection when necessary.

Online Retailers for Nitrile Gloves


Amazon offers various nitrile gloves from different brands in multiple sizes, colors, and thicknesses. You can often find competitive pricing and bulk discounts on this platform. Additionally, Amazon’s fast shipping options ensure you receive your gloves promptly.

Be sure to check that the retailer you purchase from is legitimate. Some products on Amazon are knock-offs or low-quality replicas of known glove brands. When possible always purchase directly from Amazon rather than a marketplace seller.


Walmart is another platform to find new nitrile gloves. The marketplace may provide opportunities to find gloves at deep discounts. However, it is still crucial to check that the supplier you purchase from is a verified seller.

Bulk Suppliers

Suppliers like Uline, Grainger, and Harmony Lab & Safety Supplies offer competitive prices and extensive product ranges for businesses or individuals needing to buy nitrile gloves in bulk.

3 Considerations When Buying Nitrile Gloves

Sizing and Fit

Ensure you choose the correct size for a comfortable and secure fit. Most gloves come in small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes. Some brands may have extended sizing for extra-small hands. Industrial grade gloves that supply to businesses may offer 2XL gloves.

Intended Use

Consider the intended use of the gloves when selecting thickness, length, and color. For example, thicker gloves may be needed for heavy-duty tasks, while longer gloves offer added protection for the forearm. 

You may also need to purchase medical gloves for hospitals or medical facilities. Some specialists, surgeons, and dentists may need more protection.

Customer Reviews

Read customer reviews and ratings to understand the product’s quality and performance before purchasing. While you’re at it, shop around to potentially find lower prices.


Finding the best places to buy nitrile gloves is crucial for getting the best deal and product. Remember to compare prices and read reviews, whether you’re shopping online or in-store.

Finally, as a responsible consumer, consider the environment and explore recyclable nitrile gloves or gloves made in the United States that reduce the need to ship gloves over long distances.

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