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Best Disposable Gloves for Beekeeping

Best Disposable Gloves for Bee Keeping

Summary – Beekeepers require protective clothing when working with your hive. Disposable gloves offer basic protection and are ideal for tasks that require tactile feedback.


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What disposable gloves do beekeepers use?

Beekeepers experience many benefits from using disposable gloves:

  • Minimize cross-contamination
  • Maximize tactile feedback
  • Move freely
  • Easy clean-up
  • Chemical protection

Even full beekeeping suits may not come with gloves, so beekeepers have the freedom to choose what suits them. You may be familiar with beekeepers that don’t wear gloves but only wear disposable gloves when administering mite treatments or performing a task in which you get wet.

Natural leather gloves are too bulky and restrict movement, meaning you are at a disadvantage if you need precision. Disposable gloves don’t get in your way.

Why do beekeepers wear nitrile gloves?

If you’re still worried about getting stung, nitrile gloves offer essential protection. Bees are unfamiliar with synthetic material and usually avoid it together. 

It’s a fallacy to believe that bees don’t sting leather gloves. What actually happens is that the stingers don’t ever reach your hand. With nitrile gloves, you avoid being stung, to begin with. 

One downside of nitrile gloves versus latex is that nitrile is less flexible, although more robust.

Should beekeepers use nitrile or latex gloves?

Beekeepers should choose nitrile for its superior barrier protection compared to latex rubber. Although both materials won’t protect against stings or severe abrasions, you may not need such protection. Nitrile and latex gloves can be worn underneath more protective gloves or used alone when you need maximum tactile feedback. 

If you suffer from allergies, choose nitrile as a synthetic latex alternative. Some people may find their skin experiences irritation when using latex. 

3 benefits of nitrile:

  • Broad chemical resistance
  • Comfortable for extended use
  • Essential abrasion and puncture resistance

3 benefits of latex:

  • 100% natural material derived from renewable tree sap
  • Natural fit and feel
  • More cost-effective than nitrile in most cases

Where can I buy disposable gloves for beekeepers?

Harmony Lab & Safety Supplies is your source for beekeeping gloves and other wholesale disposable gloves. We have experience. supplying beekeepers, farmers, and food processing plants with the protective apparel they need. Whether you need a box or a case of nitrile gloves we have what you need with unbeatable fulfillment. Speak with their dedicated sales and support team now.

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