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Best Gloves for Handling Firewood

Best Gloves for Handling Firewood

Summary – Strike the perfect balance between protection and dexterity with coated work gloves. Leather gloves are a good alternative to coated gloves but cost significantly more and may not provide the same grip. P-Grip gloves are a popular option.

Why choose coated gloves for handling firewood?

If you’ve had to deal with injuries caused by low-quality gloves, then you’ll appreciate having the best glove for the job. You wouldn’t want to end up with splinters or worse injuries from the wrong firewood glove.

Coated gloves are ideal for handling firewood and provide protection from splinters and harsh winters.

We have decades of experience supplying the best coated work gloves to industrial manufacturing, warehouses, and research centers requiring hand protection. 

Are leather gloves suitable for handling firewood?

We don’t recommend leather gloves because coated gloves provide a better grip. When you need to quickly grip a log, an ax, and other tools, then having the best grip should be prioritized. You wouldn’t want to get hurt from something slipping out of your hands.

No matter what glove you buy, it will eventually wear out. Leather gloves may last longer, but coated gloves are inexpensive enough to make them more cost-effective.

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