Best Gun Cleaning Swabs

gun cleaning

Proper gun cleaning is critical to keeping firearms in the best possible condition. Competition shooters appreciate the benefits of cleaning their guns after each use; removing residue buildup preserves the firearm.

Both active duty and veteran shooters know the importance of having a clean gun, which is why they turn to tried-and-true methods whenever it’s time to clean their weapons. Puritan Medical Products manufactures their swabs in the USA with U.S. pharma-grade cotton fiber.

Seemingly little powder residue can impact the accuracy of a firearm. You certainly don’t want to gamble with precision at the range, completion, or self-defense. A small – but mighty – tool to consider adding to your kit is a pack of gun-cleaning swabs.

What does the US military recommend for gun cleaning?

The US Military recommends low-lint cotton or foam swabs. Generic Q-Tips contain excessive lint. Leaving cotton fibers on your gun defeats the purpose of cleaning your gun.

Firearms build up carbon and metallic residue from usage. It’s a good idea to keep machines well-maintained. Each weapon has its own small space, which can benefit from a thorough cleaning using an applicator and solvent.

With semi-automatic weapons, the areas beneath the ejector, contact points between the frame and slide, and the slide’s interior grooves can all attract residue.

What is the best thing to clean a gun with?

Use isopropyl alcohol or hydrogen peroxide as a solvent to clean your guns. Dilute the isopropyl alcohol to a 50% solution so it doesn’t degrade your gun, or stain your gun’s innards.

Some have found a diluted vinegar solution to work as well, but we prefer high purity isoproypl alcohol. If you have q-tips lying around your house, they may work as well, but generally are not long enough to reach every nook and cranny.

Toothpicks and toothbrushes are also tools that can be rigged to clean your gun. - Blog