The Best Disposable Latex Gloves

Best Latex Gloves

Summary – If you like the feel of natural latex rubber gloves, you’ll appreciate having the best disposable latex gloves on hand to protect yourself. 

Latex gloves will keep you and your customers safe and in compliance with local, state, and federal guidelines. 

Whatever you need disposable latex gloves for, we have you covered. Look for what you need below and click the relevant links to see our reviews.

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How Do You Choose the Best Disposable Latex Gloves?

Latex gloves keep your facility and your valuable employees safe and protected. Whether medical grade or food-safe disposable gloves, both latex materials are comfortable and have tear-resistant material. Latex naturally conforms to the fit of your hand, which is why they are more comfortable than nitrile gloves.

Disposable latex gloves should not be reused, and the best gloves resist tears, abrasions, and cuts in the midst of activity. Investing in quality supplies can pay dividends and avoid any frustration low-quality products may cause.

With a reasonable budget, you can easily find latex gloves for your facility. An excellent glove is comfortable and durable and from a brand known for consistent quality.

Below are key considerations when purchasing disposable gloves:

How demanding are your applications?

Latex gloves can be bought to fit your exact applications:

  • 1 – 3 mil – Light Duty
  • 3 – 6 mil – Medium Duty
  • 6 – 10 mil – Heavy Duty

It was found that nitrile rubber is more tear and chemical resistant than latex, but the difference may not be noticeable if used carefully. The most common reason gloves tear is from stretching when donning, as the glove may catch on a nail or abrasive surface and tear. But this can be avoided by thinking about putting the glove on mindfully.

Compared with other disposable glove materials such as vinyl, nitrile, or chloroprene, latex is the most comfortable as it naturally conforms to the user’s hand. Vinyl gloves are a latex alternative that is less expensive and most useful for single-use tasks. 

Nitrile is the highest quality latex substitute and is one of the best disposable glove materials judged by puncture resistance and tactile sensitivity. It offers the best protection against most chemicals. 

You may contact our product experts anytime with questions or concerns.

Powder or Powder-Free Gloves?

Powdered gloves have been banned in hospitals and medical applications because of the potential for irritation regardless of whether or not you have sensitive skin. So no medical-grade latex glove contains any powder. Most people find powder helpful in putting the glove on but later can become irritating on long shifts.

However, for those that like powdered gloves, there are food-safe industrial-grade latex gloves for this purpose. Both thoroughly and lightly powdered disposable latex gloves are available at Harmony.

What is your budget?

Latex gloves are more expensive than vinyl but can be more cost-effective than nitrile, especially when buying from Harmony. Our industrial-grade latex gloves can be more than 50% cheaper than nitrile without affecting your ability to complete your task. Vinyl is a synthetic material like nitrile but costs more than 50% less and can be utilized in jobs requiring puncture resistance, like food preparation. 

Do you have latex allergies?

Obviously,, if you are allergic to latex, this guide isn’t that useful! We don’t want you to be irritated with a glove, so we recommend nitrile rubber gloves for those with latex allergies. Many people also like chloroprene gloves because of their comfort, which rivals latex.

We recommend vinyl gloves if you have tried nitrile before but found it too expensive. We have tested dozens of disposable glove materials and found vinyl most useful for single-use tasks such as putting a glove on to inject a vaccine. Vinyl also benefits food preparation, commercial kitchens, and essential medical exams.

Nitrile is the new gold standard in disposable gloves, and its price point reflects such. There are many uses for nitrile gloves, including home use, gardening, and essential medical work. For a synthetic material, it feels natural! Besides the comfortable fit, many professionals use nitrile for both larger and smaller hands and find they fit a wide variety of hand sizes.

What size gloves do you need?

There is no use buying a glove that doesn’t fit you. You can filter for the size in stock if you need to shop by size. Latex, vinyl, and disposable nitrile gloves come in sizes from extra small to double extra large. The average hand size in the United States is medium, with most men finding a large comfortable.

If you don’t know your hand size, grab a cloth tape measure and pull it around the broadest part of your palm. You can measure one side and double the figure if you don’t have a tape measure. The table below is a guideline; ssomemanufacturers’ fit may vary.


The 10 Best Disposable Latex Gloves on the Market in 2023

Dyna Grip latex exam gloves are suitable for medical exams and are 100% FDA approved. These disposable gloves are extra thick and durable with a fit that conforms to your hands naturally.

These medical grade latex gloves have textured fingertips for an enhanced grip in wet and wild conditions. We have found that tattoo artists, mechanics, and doctors appreciate that extra grip from Dyna Grip latex exam gloves.

At 7.0 mil thick these disposable gloves are more than twice as thick as standard disposable gloves and performs during long shifts while maintaining a high standard of protection.

  • 100% Natural Latex Rubber

  • 7.0 mil extra thick latex rubber

  • Powder-Free

  • Heavy Duty Glvoves

  • Reinforced Fingertips

  • Popularity means your size may not be in stock


Dyna Grip Latex Exam Gloves are extra thick, FDA Approved, and 100% suitable for heavy duty tasks that benefit from the comfort and fit of latex rubber.

Dyna Grip disposable gloves are ideal for tasks that require precise movements such as surgeons, mechanics, and automotive technicians. 

Dyna Grip Latex Exam Glove, 7.0 mil, Powder Free, FDA Approved

  • Powder-free exam grade latex gloves meet tough standards set by the FDA for barrier protection in a medical environment.
  • Delivers the performance of thicker gloves without sacrificing the fit, comfort, flexibility of latex.
  • 7 mil thick for extra protection. Beaded cuff for easy on/off. Fully textured for excellent grip.
  • Size: Available in sizes Medium, Large, and Extra-Large.
  • Packaged 100 powder-free latex exam gloves per box. 
  • MPN: 650-100

Thicker Latex Gloves are loved by doctors and nurses for their ultra-thick rubber and consistent quality that outperform their rating. These gloves are suitable for heavy-duty activities because they resist tears and rips.

Thickster gloves meet strict standards for use in hospitals and medical facilities. These ultra-premium gloves are used in medical, dental, laboratory, and industrial applications and much more.

Every box contains 100 latex disposable gloves and the dispenser can be placed anywhere convenient. As long as the gloves are not stored in freezing temperatures or in direct heavy sunlight, the gloves maintain consistent quality and protection.

  • Ultra-Thick Rubber

  • FDA Approved Medical Grade

  • Trusted hospital brand loved by medical professionals

  • 100% Power-Free

  • More expensive than other brands


Thickster gloves are perfect for heavy duty tasks that require FDA approved medical grade protection. Get the performance of a thicker glove by buying a brand that stands behind its products. 

Thickster by SAS Safety Corp. is trusted by doctors, surgeons, nurses and other medical professionals. Get hospital grade protection with Thickster disposable gloves at an affordable price.

Thickster Ultra-Thick 14.0 mil Powder-Free Latex Gloves

  • Extreme durability and dexterity – 14 mil Ultra Thick latex gloves are 2 to 3 times thicker than standard disposable gloves. Latex material provides excellent dexterity even with extra thickness.
  • Extended 12″ length – Longer 12″ length with beaded cuff for easy donning and extra wrist and splash protection. 
  • Textured grip – Fully textured for better gripping in wet and dry conditions.
  • Powder-free – Exam-grade gloves are powder-free for use by First Responders and EMTs, and are equally handy for janitorial, marine, plumbing, painting, and automotive uses.

Duraskin Latex Gloves are designed with heavy duty natural latex rubber and still offer tactile sensitivity and superior puncture resistance. Latex is a supremely comfortable material that is highly versatile.

These gloves are 100% food-safe and suitable for food processing facilities. Use the convenient dispensing box to keep your employees protected wherever necessary. 

Latex is already one of the most popular disposable glove materials for doctors but the textured fingertips improve grip in wet and oily conditions, making them useful for mechanics and automotive technicians. 

  • 100% Natural Latex Rubber

  • 5.0 Mil Thick Latex Rubber

  • Powder-Free

  • Medium Duty Glvoves

  • Not suitable for heavy duty tasks


Duraskin Latex Gloves are 5.0 mil thick and made from durable, industrial grade natural latex rubber that resists tears, cuts, and abrasions while protecting you from hazard.

If you want naturally comfortable disposable gloves for medium duty activities we recommend Duraskin Latex Gloves, 100% powder free and 5.0 mil thick with reinforced fingertips for precise tasks.

Duraskin™ Latex Gloves, 5.0 mil Industrial Grade, Powder-Free

  • Extra thick 5 mil disposable glove offers more protection when handling chemicals and solvents.
  • Powder-Free disposable gloves reduce allergic reactions.
  • Textured Fingertips improve gripping.
  • Meets USDA standards for food handling.
  • Packaged 100 disposable gloves per box
  • Duraskin Part #2810W

Medline Eudermic High Risk Latex Exam Gloves are ideal for medical examinations that involve high risk infectious diseases, blood-borne pathogens, and other infectious fluids.

Medline is a trusted hospital brand and loved by doctors. If you need extra thick, extra long gloves to protect against the most severe hazards then you can benefit from Medline Eudermic gloves. 

As opposed to other latex gloves, these meet the highest standards set by the FDA for medical exams. The quality and material of these gloves are unsurpassed. 

  • Highest standard of protection

  • FDA Approved

  • 13.0 mil extra thick latex

  • Extra-long 12" gloves

  • Medline is a trusted hospital brand

  • Most expensive latex gloves


Medline Eudermic Latex Exam Gloves are suitable for high risk settings. If you need the most advanced protection then we recommend these Medline Eudermic Gloves.

These disposable gloves come in boxes of 50 because of their superior quality.

Medline Eudermic Latex Exam Gloves, Extra-Thick 13.0 mil, Extra-Long 12″ High Risk Gloves

  • These Medline latex gloves are 13 mil thick and 12 inches long. Best choice when maximum protection is desired.
  • The comfort, fit, tactile sensitivity and durability of a well-made powder-free latex glove is unsurpassed.
  • Beaded cuff for a sure fit and faster donning.
  • Latex gloves are often preferred for procedures that require greater dexterity.
  • Color: Blue.
  • Packaged 50 per box, 10 boxes per case = 500 High-Risk Latex Exam Gloves. 

UniTex Latex Exam Gloves meet the tough standards set by the FDA for use in medical examinations. These latex gloves protect against alkalis, acids, alcohols and ketones. Fully textured fingertips provide excellent gripping when handling wet or dry equipment.

The ambidextrous gloves are easy to don and contain no irritating powder as required by the FDA. 

UniTex gloves are trusted by hospitals and doctors for their consistent quality and durable protection. Don’t sacrifice comfort with 100% natural latex rubber.

  • FDA Approved for medical examinations

  • Trusted medical brand

  • 3.5 mil thick latex

  • Loved by doctors and nurses

  • Only suitable for light duty tasks.


UniTex latex exam gloves are most suitable for light duty medical examinations and other activities that don’t require extra thick latex. 

UniTex Latex Exam Gloves, 3.5 mil, Powder-Free, FDA Approved for Medical Examinations

  • Medical Grade Exam gloves – Meets tough standards set by the FDA for barrier protection in a medical environment.  
  • Powder-free – Powder free gloves minimizes the risk of developing latex protein or chemical residue related allergies and eliminates powder related contamination in critical exam environments.
  • Easy on – Ambidextrous gloves with beaded cuff fit either hand and go through propriety single chlorination process for superior donning and a smooth finish.
  • 3.5 mil thick glove – Reduce hand fatigue when wearing for extended periods of time while still providing outstanding barrier protection.
  • Find Your Fit – Extra-Small through Medium.

Bioskin latex exam gloves are our most popular latex exam gloves due to their exceptional value and robust protection.

Dentists, surgeons, and general doctors love BioSkin a trusted brand similar to Duraskin but with higher standards of protection. 

Medium duty activities can benefit from 5.0 mil durable latex rubber. 

  • 5.0 mil FDA Approved Latex Rubber

  • Our most popular latex exam gloves

  • 100% powder free

  • Covid has impacted the production of these gloves, hospitals are prioritized.


BioSkin latex exam gloves are suitable for light and medium duty hospital tasks. These gloves offer exceptional value and are highly recommended by dozens of customers.

These gloves meet or exceed federal standards. Try them today!

BioSkin Latex Exam Gloves, 5.0 mil, FDA Approved

  • Medical Grade Exam gloves meet tough standards set by the FDA for barrier protection in a medical environment.
  • Easy on. Beaded cuff for easy donning and a smooth finish. Gloves protect against alkalis, acids, alcohols and ketones.
  • 5 mil thick for extra protection. Certifications: ISO 9002, FDA registered, TUV certified, EN46002.
  • Choose from sizes Small through Extra-Large.
  • Packaged. 100 Powder Free Latex Exam Gloves per box. 10 boxes/case = 1000 Gloves.

Bioskin high risk latex exam gloves are 14.0 mil thick making them 10x thicker than generic a latex exam glove. High risk gloves are thicker and longer than standard exam gloves. 

As opposed to normal latex exam gloves, the higher standards of disease resistance means gloves come in a box of 50. Doctors and nurses are prioritized in orders for high risk gloves.

  • Extra Thick 14.0 mil latex rubber

  • High Risk FDA Approved

  • Microtextured fingertips

  • Extra-long 12" gloves

  • Hospitals are prioritized during the pandemic


BioSkin High Risk Latex Exam Gloves meet or exceed the highest federal standards for protection from infectious disease and blood-borne pathogens. 

If you need the highest degree of protection, we recommend Bioskin High Risk Latex Exam Gloves.

Bioskin High Risk Latex Exam Gloves, 14.0 mil

  • Extra Thick. 2 to 3 times thicker than standard exam gloves
  • Micro-Textured for better gripping – no slips.
  • Powder-free. Blue color.
  • Longer 12″ length with beaded cuff for a sure, snug fit, and protection.

Duraskin T2810W 3.5 mil Thick Powder Free Latex Gloves are safe with food service tasks and comfortable for extended shifts. Bakers, cake designers, and hobbyists benefit from the comfort natural latex rubber provides. Great for commercial and institutional use.

Grab a box of 100 disposable gloves or request a quote for large orders. Cases come with 10 boxes of gloves for a total of 1000.

These disposable gloves are non-sterile and only suitable for food service and general purpose applications. Duraskin gloves provide a reliable barrier against liquids, grime, and food borne hazards. It’s textured fingertips allows for a secure grip.

  • Affordable latex gloves, durable enough for light tasks

  • Comfortable, form fitting latex maintains its feel during long shifts

  • Natural rubber contains no dyes or additives

  • Great value, loved by customers!

  • Not suitable for people with latex sensitivites


Duraskin T2810W Latex Gloves have enough thickness for light duty tasks without rips or tears.

Food handlers love the comfort of latex. For those without allergies, latex is the most affordable and durable disposable glove at its price point.

Duraskin Latex Gloves, 3.5 mil, Powder Free, White, T2810W

  • Ambidextrous, textured fingertips and comfortable for everyone
  • Durable latex rubber resists tears
  • Maintains grip in wet and oily settings
  • Suitable for light duty tasks
  • Natural rubber contains no dyes or irritants

Essential workers can benefit from 5.0 mil industrial grade latex rubber disposable gloves. For a comfortable, stretchy glove that feels natural without impacting your work, try latex gloves.

The micro-textured and elastic fingertips allow for precise tasks. 

Get disposable gloves that are trusted and loved by business owners and essential workers. 

  • Comfortable 5.0 mil latex rubber

  • 100% powder free

  • 50% less expensive than nitrile

  • Some may prefer a natural color


Duraskin blue latex gloves provide the comfort and quality you can expect from Duraskin latex disposable gloves and are 100% food safe. 

Try blue latex disposable gloves today.

Duraskin Blue Latex Gloves, 5.0 mil Industrial Grade, 100% Powder Free

  • Extra thick 5 mil glove offers more protection when handling chemicals and solvents.
  • Powder-Free gloves reduce allergic reactions.
  • Textured Fingertips improve gripping.
  • Meets USDA standards for food handling.
  • Packaged 100 DuraSkin Powder-Free General Purpose Latex Gloves per box.

Duraskin 2800W Lightly Powdered Latex Gloves are 5.0 mil thick making them ideal for medium duty activities that benefit from powder to easily don and remove. 

If you have skin sensitivities, be aware that the corn starch powder may exacerbate your skin problem. Half finger nylon glove liners have been known to reduce the impact of skin problems associated with both natural and synthetic rubber gloves. These non-medical, general purpose food handling gloves make baking and other light duty tasks a breeze.

Latex wont interfere with your ability to operate delicate instruments with precision and its reinforced fingertips are textured to grab small objects easily.

  • Comfortable, durable, suitable for medium duty tasks

  • Lightly powdered to easily wear and remove the gloves

  • White color is ideal for double gloving

  • 50% less expensive than nitrile

  • Powder leaves a residue after extended wear (remember to wash your hands)

  • Not suitable for those with skin sensitivities


Duraskin Lightly Powdered Latex Disposable Gloves are thick enough to withstand medium duty tasks. The powder makes putting them on and taking them off easier, but it does leave a residue that must be washed off.

Many find latex to be the most comfortable disposable glove and this is no different. You’ll love the feel of latex and appreciate that it is 100% natural with no added dyes.

Durskin 5 mil White Latex Gloves, Lightly Powdered, No Added Dyes

  • Extra thick 5 mil glove offers more protection and is less prone to tearing or punctures. Also offers more protection when handling chemicals and solvents.
  • Lightly powdered makes it easier to slide gloves onto your hand.
  • Meets USDA standards for food handling.
  • Ambidextrous gloves fit either hand.
  • Packaged 100 lightly powdered gloves per box.
  • Duarskin MPN: 2800w

What is the Best Latex Disposable Glove Brand?

The answer to your question, “who makes the best latex disposable gloves?” is DuraSkin because it offers consistent protection at an excellent price.

Customers also love the highly dependable Thickster latex gloves. These gloves are manufactured by SAS Safety Corp., the team behind the best-selling Raven Gloves.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to request a sample for your business or contact our product support team.

  • Extra Thick Material

    Many gloves are less than a millimeter thick, meaning they rip and tear easily. How frustrating! Find gloves that are thick and durable.

  • Trusted Brand

    DuraSkin is a trusted brand with decades of experience manufacturing quality. You can't go wrong with DuraSkin.

  • USA Product Support

    If you need at any time, you are welcome to call our friendly support team. - Blog