Best Food Service Wipes

Best Food Service Wipes

Find the Best Food Service Wipes that keep your kitchen clean and tidy. Use industrial grade wipes for maximum value.

Quick Electronic Cleaning Guide

Electronic cleaning

Dust accumulation can damage computers and gadgets. Long-term dust exposure and lack of cleaning can block critical components like fans. Prevent overheating with regular electronic cleaning! It is best to take measures to prevent computer failures. Check out effective and inexpensive tools to keep your electronics clean and healthy. Air Dusters $17.99 / each Dependable Easy […]

What makes Kimwipes so special?

what are kimwipes used for

What are Kimwipes? Kimwipes Summary – Kimtech Wipes have been a favorite choice of labs, medical offices and delicate manufacturing for more than 60 years. Kimwipes reduce lint with low extractables and will gently clean instruments. Shop Kimwipes  5/5 Kimtech 340705 Science Wipes Shop Now  4.7/5 Kimtech 34133 Delicate Task Wipes Shop Now […]

3 Benefits of Microfiber Wipes

Microfiber Wipes

Sometimes the simpler the cleaning product, the better. Enter the microfiber cleaning cloth. What is microfiber? Microfiber is made from fibers of polyester and nylon that are cut down many times; thinner than a piece of human hair. Microfiber is not naturally occurring and is synthetic. Microfiber promotes an electrostatic charge. Magnetizing dust and grime […]