Best Disposable Gloves for Estheticians, Salons, and Nail Technicians

esthetician disposable gloves

Summary – Nitrile gloves affordably and effectively ensure you and your clients feel peace of mind with you. Black nitrile has the benefit of hiding stains and maintaining professionalism.

Estheticians and nail technicians come in close contact with their clients every day. Because of this close contact you are at risk of picking up or spreading infectious diseases if you are not protected.

Disposable gloves can prevent the spread of bacteria and microorganisms with proper use while ensuring your client’s feel peace of mind during their session with you.

But there is no use of disposable gloves if they are thin, flimsy, and tear easily. You need the best disposable gloves for the job.

You don’t want to risk the reputation of your business, or unknowingly irritate your client’s skin with low quality materials.

Does an esthetician need to use disposable gloves?

Estheticians, nail technicians, spa operators may benefit from the use of disposable nitrile gloves. Some states require the use of disposable gloves during extractions or other procedures in which there is the risk of infectious disease transfer via bodily fluids.

Even without a state mandate wearing nitrile gloves is a good idea to maintain maximum cleanliness and safety for both yourself and your client. 

Salon professionals and estheticians love to use nitrile gloves because of its natural chemical resistance that can prevent rips and tears when using chemicals common in spas and salons. 

Nitrile gloves are also 100% free of natural latex rubber which some clients may find irritating to their skin if they are allergic.

What is the best type of disposable glove for estheticians?

We recommend disposable nitrile gloves for its superior comfort, protection, and chemical resistance.  Because there are a variety of chemicals you may encounter, nitrile is good choice because of its broad chemical resistance.

Below we recommend two nitrile disposable gloves that are extra thick and will withstand chemicals, abrasions, and tears.

Some operators prefer black nitrile whereas other prefer the additional comfort of aloe vera in our pink nitrile gloves.

Does an esthetician need nitrile medical gloves?

OSHA does not explicitly recommend medical grade gloves but they can provide extra peace of mind. Medical grade nitrile gloves should be used to prevent irritation from latex allergies and to maintain the highest hygiene standards. 

Can you use nitrile gloves for dying hair?

Yes, nitrile rubber has excellent chemical resistant properties meaning that hair dye wont degrade the material. Also, the thickness of the rubber can prevent the dyes from leaking through the gloves onto your skin. 

What disposable gloves should be used for dying hair?

Black nitrile gloves are a preferred choice among salon staff and barbers for their superior chemical and puncture resistance. Your hands will remain comfortable during extended dying sessions and can easily be disposed of after you’re done.

Carbonite HD Black Nitrile Gloves offer heavy duty protection with robust chemical resistance, making them ideal for dying hair. The fingertips allow for tactile feedback. The nitrile rubber grips your hands naturally allowing for you to feel at ease on the job.

If you’ve only ever tried latex or vinyl gloves before, black nitrile gloves will feel like a huge upgrade! It’s a small price to pay for protection and comfort.

disposable gloves for hair dying

Can latex disposable gloves be used for dying hair?

Yes! Latex rubber does not have the same chemical resistance qualities as nitrile or chloroprene rubber, but it is strong enough to withstand the chemicals found when dying hair.

Many find latex gloves to be the most comfortable material. 

If you are unsure if your client is allergic to latex, then it is best to go with nitrile.

Can vinyl disposable gloves be used for dying hair?

No, vinyl is not recommend for dying hair nor for estheticians and salon workers in general due to its flimsy nature and lackluster chemical resistance.

Workers find nitrile rubber to be significantly more comfortable than any vinyl glove. And you wouldn’t want to accidentally irritate your client’s latex allergy, which is why we recommend 100% nitrile rubber.

You and your clients will be protected from cross contamination of infectious diseases and other hazards.

If you need other medical grade supplies then trust Harmony Lab and Safety Supplies to deliver the quality you need.

If you are unsure about anything or have further questions, then don’t hesitate to reach out to our dedicated sales and support team.

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