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Cleanroom Operator in a Critical Environment

What are cleanroom consumables?

Cleanroom consumables are products necessary to operate a critical environment effectively. Regardless of cleanroom ISO class, some consumables are common throughout all critical environments.

The cleanroom supplies required for your environment will vary, but the following is a good starting place.

  • Adhesive Mats & Rollers
  • Mops and cleaning supplies
  • Cleanroom Swabs, Wipes
  • Cleanroom grade disinfectants and cleaning supplies
  • Disposable Apparel
  • ESD-Safe/Static Control Products
  • Paper, Pens, Documentation

Cleanroom gloves are an important part of a critical environment because they must resist tears and abrasions. Whereas a common household disposable glove wont cause the downfall of society if it tears, a critical environment must maintain the most stringent air quality requirements and a torn nitrile glove can impact the safety of the environment. 

Cleanroom gloves can also be sterile which is common in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and specialized industrial applications.

What is cleanroom apparel?

Because of the ISO requirements for critical environments, operators cannot wear normal clothing because fibers may shed off and make their way into your semi-conductor production line or biotech experiment. 

Cleanroom coveralls meet stringent ISO requirements that allow them to be worn by operators. The ISO graded material wont shed lint and will protect operators from hazardous particles found in your environment. 

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